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Options For 4C Private Mailboxes

Options For 4C Private Mailboxes

At Budget Mailboxes, we are introducing a new set of options for 4C mailboxes that will increase their overall flexibility. Auth Florence gives you more choices, allowing you to freely customize your mailbox solution.

USPS Approved Tenant Door Sizes

For these USPS Approved tenant door size options, you can customize your mailbox system according to your specific resident needs. Choose from either single, double, triple, or even quintuple high doors to create larger tenant compartments and specific module options.

USPS Approved Outgoing Mail Collection Sizes

Need a larger mail collection unit for outgoing mail? Simply address a busy mail center with new USPS Approved outgoing mail collection compartment size options. Anchored below the mail slot, you can swap the standard single-high outgoing mail collection compartment for either a two, three, four, or five-high option, securing plenty of collection space for any need.

Door Slot Options

Secure your rent drops, books, videos, etc. with your Private Delivery Only mail system. Choose from either a one, two, three, four, or five-door tall slot for your private use needs. Note: Not for USPS delivery locations unless otherwise approved by your local Postal Officials.

Mail Slot Removal

If you don't need a mail slot in every module of your installation, then you can remove it entirely. In select modules, you can add another tenant door in place of the mail slot. Be sure to get approval from your local post office before choosing this option.

Combicam 4-Digit Combination Lock

The CombiCam 4-digit Combination Lock is available on any 4C product. Note: this is not approved for use on mailboxes serviced by the USPS.

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