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Numbers & Plaques

Numbers & Plaques

Commercial Plaques & Signs
4 Products
Starting at $146.99
3 Products
Starting at $157.99
2 Products
Starting at $66.94
Specialty Plaques
17 Products
Starting at $41.99
6 Products
Starting at $91.94
3 Products
Starting at $91.94
2 Products
Starting at $72.94
6 Products
Starting at $91.94
Address Plaques by Style
Double Sided Lawn & Garden Address Plaques
19 Products
Starting at $23.99
Illluminated Address Plaques
14 Products
Starting at $16.99
Reflective Address Plaques
8 Products
Starting at $103.99
Brass Address Plaques
26 Products
Starting at $25.99
Rectangle & Square Address Plaques
41 Products
Starting at $36.99
Entryway Plaques
17 Products
Starting at $27.99
911 Emergency Address Plaques
14 Products
Starting at $16.99
Garden Plaques
8 Products
House numbers, mailbox numbers and home address plaques include cast aluminum address plaques, column address plaques, decorative address plaques, oval address plaques and much more. Lawn and garden plaques are also available. Our sister site,, offers thousands of home and lawn address plaques as well. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. A product expert is ready to help you find the home address plaque that's ideal for your needs.
Have a question about this product?
Question: Do you also offer hotel lobby directories?
Answer: Yes, we have several Hotel Directories available. Thank you.

Question: Where do I get an adhesive label for a tenant to place on a mailbox? It should only be about 2" by 1/4". I know that the former landlord ordered from this company. I would like to order two of them when I find the correct item.
Answer: You are looking for a custom placard for a 4B Mailbox (click link). Thank you.

Question: We have a (1) number address. Any suggestions for plaques?
Answer: A petite size plaque seems more preferable, so that the single number will not appear lost on the plaque.

Question: I need house numbers that are 1.5 wide and no 2-3 high... metal, plastic ok, but no vinyl. Do you carry such?
Answer: Sorry we do not carry numbers with those specs.

Question: I found PCS-43L address plaque but when I put that in the search box it says no match is found. I'm trying to go to the page for that particular plaque. Can you help?

Here is the plaque you are looking for.

Question: where do I find the value of dennis rodman plaque #228385228
Answer: Im sorry but we do not have any information on this.

Question: Do you have a plaque with the Fluer De Lis on it?
Answer: Yes, we do have Fluer De Lis address plaques.

-Fluer De Lis Address Plaque Petite (click to view)

-Fluer De Lis Address Plaque Large

Question: my adress is 138 CR 148 do you make a plaque that will hold these numbers and letters
Answer: Any plaque that you can enter 10 or more characters on will hold that text. Please call if you need help finding one.

Question: do youu have a plaque 3x3, If I knew what love is, it is because of you?????????
Answer: Sorry, no we do not.

Question: Do the consecutive years on a plaque with columns go vertical or horiznotal?
Answer: The colunm plaques are a vertical plaque. Im not sure what you mean about consecutive years.

Question: I am searching for Mediterranean tiles at least 6-8 inches square for address numbers
Answer: Here are some 3x6 options.

Question: I would like a house plaque with a personal quote on it. Is this something that you can do.
Answer: We have many plaques that can be customized, nut they do all have a maximum amount of characters allowed. Please call us for assistance.

Question: I need to order 4 inch black/brass house numbers and letters SKU 1220BLK 93 numbers and 23 letters. I need volume discount.
Answer: Please fill out our Bulk Order Form and a custom quote will be sent to you via email. Thanks!

Question: Do you make plastic address numbers for mailboxes about 2'Hx3" W? We would need about 15 to cover the neighborhood.
Answer: We do not sell plastic numbers.

Question: do you make wall plaques?
Answer: We do not make wall plaques but we do sell them. Just search "wall plaques" on our website.

Question: do you have a wood shamrock?
Answer: No we do not.

Question: I am looking for 5 to 6 inch brass numbers (3 7 6 ). I do not want plated ones.
Answer: Sorry, we do no what you are looking for at this time.

Question: can you show me a dedication plaque that can be screwed into chair back baseball seats
Answer: Im sorry, we do not have that type of plaque at this time.

Question: plaques black gold with 2443 Numbers
Answer: There are many plaques with these options please call for assistance.

Question: Should the address of a new house go near the front entrance?
Answer: The best thing to do would be to check with your local offices for regulations.

Question: Can you make a wooden plaque for "Northern Pacific RR" ? And how long will it take? And what is the cost?
Answer: Please take a loof at this customiable Wood Plaque. This item takes 6-8 weeks to ship. Thank you!

Numbers & Plaques
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