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USPS Approved Cluster Mailboxes

Standard Cluster Mailboxes
4 Products
Starting at $1,204.78
5 Products
Starting at $1,068.78
5 Products
Starting at $1,089.78
5 Products
Starting at $1,118.78
5 Products
Starting at $1,138.78
High Security Cluster Mailboxes
4 Products
Starting at $1,471.79
4 Products
Starting at $1,489.78
4 Products
Starting at $1,536.78
4 Products
Starting at $1,590.78
We carry every combination of Cluster Mailboxes. Auth-Florence Cluster Mailboxes are ideal for outdoor use in residential neighborhoods or for commercial, business complexes. For added security, choose one of our high security cluster mailboxes or for a more decorative look, choose one of the decorative cluster mailboxes. For your next project, shop with a company that specializes in commercial mailboxes. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. A knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in finding the cluster mailbox that's perfect for your requirements.
Have a question about this product?
Question: Is the pedestal base available as an option for these cluster mailboxes?
Answer: Yes, there is an optional pedestal base available. Thank you.

Question: Does the price include the pedestal?
Answer: Yes, the pedestal is included in the price listed on the website.

Question: Is there a commercial box smaller than the 8 door?
Answer: The 8 door is the smallest USPS CBU. There are smaller 4C Pedestal Mount Mailboxes that require approval from your local USPS.

Question: Looking for a 4 unit CBU with out going mail and 1 parcel box. Doors for the 4 tenants.
Answer: Here is a 4 Door and 1 Parcel CBU option.

Question: How secure are the mailboxes?
Answer: Auth-Florence CBUs are durable and secure. However, if you are interested in added security, the High Security CBUs offer the following features: Thicker, reinforced gate; Special security collar on all compartment locks; Heavier gauge aluminum cabinet wrapper; Larger diameter 1/4" hinge rod on all doors; Reinforced shelf above and below the carrier access door to deter break-ins; Stainless steel parcel door hinge for added strength; Heavy duty stainless steel pedestal; High security "Mounting". Feel free to call us if you need further assistance. Thanks!

Question: Are these units manufactured by AF florence Mfg.Co.?
Answer: Yes, they are. Thank you.

Question: I need a 48 unit with out going mail slot, manager's office box and 2 parcel delivery boxes. Is this something that you would carry?
Answer: There is no 48 unit cluster box. You will have to purchase multiple units to get the amount of doors needed.

Question: Looking for a 12 box cluster with 1 outgoing mail slot - residential outside box on a pedestal.
Answer: Please click the link to view the 12 Door Cluster Mailbox. Thank you!

USPS Approved Cluster Mailboxes
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