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High Security CBU Mailboxes

All tenant compartment doors on these High Security CBU Mailboxes come with reliable locks so parcels and letters are protected from mail theft and fishing. Each cluster box unit boasts of steel and aluminum construction and powder coating. Contact a live assistant for further information.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Do these high-security CBUs come numbered when purchased?
Answer: Yes, each unit door of the Auth Florence Vigilant High Security Tenant Cluster Box Units are numbered for easy identification. Thank you.

Question: Do you have a 4-door high security?
Answer: No, unfortunately there is no 4-Door High-Security CBU. There is, however, a 4-Door Regular CBU.

Question: Could you make a High-Secuity CBU Mailbox with 4 Doors rather than 8 or more?
Answer: No, unfortunately the High-Security CBUs only come in configurations of 8, 12, 13 or 16 doors.

Question: Do you have one with 24 high-security boxes on a pedestal?
Answer: High-security CBU's are not available in a 24 door.

Question: Do you sell any product similar to this with only 3 doors?
Answer: Here is the SKU for the 3 door: WL-3405D-03BM

Question: I have 40 tenants and I'm interested in USPS front load outdoor cluster. What do you suggest?
Answer: You can get two 16-door and an 8-door mailbox or two 20-door mailboxes.

Question: I would like to order two of the CBU 16-door, high-security mailboxes and one of the 8-door CBU high-security mailboxes. It appears that the pedestal and the install parts are included in the price of the boxes.
Answer: Please call for assistance with the order.

Question: What are the dimensions (width and length) of the box?
Answer: 62"H x 30-1/2"W x 17-7/8"D

Question: Do the CBU units come with locks for each box? Or do you have to purchase them separately?
Answer: The locks are included.

High Security CBU Mailboxes
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