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Cluster Box Units

Cluster mailboxes, aka cluster box units or CBU's, are available in a wide range of door sizes. High security cluster mailboxes and decorative cluster box units are offered by These residential and commercial mailboxes are ideal for outdoor use in communities and business complexes. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. A product expert would be happy to assist you.

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    Have a question about this product?
    Question: Are there illuminated mailboxes in large cluster box design?
    Answer: There is a Light Kit that is designed for use with a Centralized Mail Station.

    Question: Do high security cluster mailboxes come with private locks?
    Answer: Thanks for your question. High Security Cluster Mailboxes have optional private locks for post office use, or you can purchase the CK25750 Conversion Kit.

    Question: do the cluster boxes come with hardware to mount to ground?
    Answer: No, that hardware has to be inserted in the concrete when it is poured. You will need to purchase it from a local hardware store prior to installation.

    Question: Is there a wireless cluster mailbox alert system to know if the mail has been delivered? I live 6 streets from our cluster mailbox location.
    Answer: Not that we are aware of. None of our cluster box manufacturers make one at this time.

    Question: We have approximately 120 boxes housed in cluster style fixtures and would like to cover them with a roof in order to protect customers and mail from direct rain. Do you represent or recomend any such covers?
    Answer: The Vario Shelters can be used with out the casings and will provide the shelter you are seeking. They are available in various sizes.

    Question: do you sell replacement locks
    Answer: Yes we do. Let us know who the manufacturer of you cluster box is and we will provide you with the correct item code for ordering.

    Question: I am looking ofr digital combination cluster boxes for to be used in a University environment for student mail mounted into a wall. We are looking for 5000 qty
    Answer: We are not aware of a digital combination lock on the market but we do have some alternatives to the old style combination locks. If you would like to know more, give us a call. 866-505-6245.

    Question: Do you finance?
    Answer: No, we currently do not offer financing however we do accept purchase orders in most cases.

    Question: Where can I get the pins to go on the door?
    Answer: We sell the Long Hinge Rod/Pin for Type III & Type IV. However, they are specific to each manufacturer. You will need to verify who your unit was manufactured by.

    Question: Looking for CBU 10 door unit
    Answer: The USPS Cluster Box Units are only available in a 8,12,13,and 16 door configuration.

    Question: Do you know of any cluster mailboxes that also open from the back for delivery?
    Answer: A rear loading CBU is no longer being made.

    Question: Do you have used cluster mailboxes?
    Answer: Unfortunately, no, we presently do not sell used items.

    Question: Are the 29 door units USPS approved?
    Answer: This unit requires approval from your local USPS. It is not ADA Compliant nor does it meet the 1:10 parcel locker to customer compartment ratio.

    Question: Do you ship to Hawaii?
    Answer: Yes, we do ship to Hawaii.

    Question: Do you have a cluster mailbox with doorbell for 6 units?
    Answer: The only mailboxes that have a push-button doorbell are the 6 Compartment Vertical Apartment Style Mailboxes.

    Question: do you have high security 6 door CBUs?
    Answer: No, high security is only available in 8, 12, 13, and 16.

    Question: How do I get new keys for my cluster mailbox
    Answer: You can either buy the key blanks and have them cut or you will need to buy new locks that will come with the keys.

    Question: need 22 door cluster free standing boxes
    Answer: Search code 3412D-22 to view the 22 door mailbox.

    Question: How do you install the 3312R?
    Answer: Please click the link to view the Installation Instructions. Thank you.

    Question: I need two 17 door vanilla mailbox stations without the parcel box - do you have these?
    Answer: Please click the link to view the 17 Door Cluster Unit.

    Question: Do you have a high security cluster box for 3 or 4 customers. Can you supply one made of steel rather than aluminum, have had three vandal break-ins
    Answer: The High Security Pedestal-Mount Cluster Box Units only come in configurations of 8, 12, 13 and 16 doors.  We do have a Recess Mounted High Security Cluster Unit that comes in 4 Doors and is made of steel. Please click the link to view the 4C Wall Mount 4-Door High Security Horizontal Mailbox.

    Question: Do you have any plexi sign holders that can be affixed to the CBU mailboxes?
    Answer: No, unfortunately we do not have plexi sign holders for the CBUs, but we do have Custom Placards that can be ordered.

    Question: What is the largest cluster available?
    Answer: The 29 door SKU: WL-4CPF24CFT8-29BM

    Question: Where can I find the name at on the boxes?
    Answer: The manufacturer name is normally located somewhere on the front of the unit, usually on the Outgoing Mail door or in one of the bottom corners.

    Question: the magnet which allows the front of the mailbox to open is missing how do we get another one
    Answer: Please call for assistance.

    Question: I need an outdoor pedestal mailbox that has 5 doors and does not let rain water in. Which one fits these requirements?
    Answer: Please search this SKU for the 5 door Commercial Box Unit: WL-3411D-05SANBM

    Question: We have a mail box that continues to be vandalized. The vandals rip the door off. Do you have anything that is hard to vandalize? Thank you.
    Answer: Please view this Ultimate High Security Mailbox to view our most secure and vandal resistant residential mailbox. If you need a Cluster Unit, the High Security units are the most vandal proof. Thank you.

    Question: do the decorative mailboxes come with keys for the 16 unit salisbury
    Answer: All cluster mailboxes come with keys.

    Cluster Box Units
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