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Approved CBU Mailboxes

Standard Cluster Box Units for USPS delivery come in 8-door, 12-door, 13-door and 16-door cluster mailboxes. Parcel lockers and cluster mailbox parts are also available. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. A knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find the USPS cluster box unit that's ideal for your requirements.

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    Have a question about this product?
    Question: What colors are available for a replacement cluster box unit?
    Answer: Gray is usually the color for replacement units. Thank you.

    Question: I need a 20 door CBU
    Answer: Click the link to view the 20 Door Cluster Box Unit. Please note that this unit is no USPS approved and you will need to contact you local Postmaster for approval.

    Question: Do you sell an 8-box cluster mailbox with pedestal that meets both ADA requirements and USPS requirements?
    Answer: This unit is 4C Vario Depot is ADA complicant, but you should check with your local postmaster to confirm that they will approve.  Note: see the additional image on the product listing to see a diagram of the mailbox unit installed into the Depot.

    Question: Do you sell a six-box cluster that meets all requirements?
    Answer: Please always get approval for all new commercial units. Here is a 4c USPS approved 6 door cluster:Click Here The sku#:WL-3413S-06SANBM

    Question: Is a HOA allowed to place a wall mounted message board to one side to the CBU mailbox?
    Answer: Please contact your local post office for their approval.

    Question: is there 10 door available
    Answer: There are ten door cbu's. Please type code (3409D-10) into the keyword search to view them.

    Question: what is the difference between the high security CBU and the standard CBU
    Answer: High security CBU's have more secure features like anti pry for the doors and an anti fish comb for the outgoing mailslot.

    Question: DO YOU HAVE THIS MODEL? sku#:WL-3413S-06SANBM
    Answer: Yes, just search the sku to view the mailbox.

    Question: we are 6 residents we need lock up boxes for mail and parcels
    Answer: Here is a 6 door CBU with a large parcel. Please search this SKU: WL-3407D-06SANBM

    Question: Can you make a 13 box CBU unit into a 15 box by eliminating the parcel compartment
    Answer: You will need to request a custom build. Please call us for more information.

    Question: Need clarification about whether base/post comes with cluster box unit or not. Also, do you have a cluster box with 14 sections instead of 13 or 16 and if so, how much is it?
    Answer: All CBU's on budgetmailboxes come with pedestal unless you select not to.Please search "14 door 4c pedestal" with quotations to see all 14 door options.

    Question: Do you have a 17 tenant mailbox? We need (1) 16 and (1) 17 tenant mailbox
    Answer: Yes here is the sku: WL-3415D-17SANBM

    Question: Do all units come With pedestals ?
    Answer: Not all come with pedestals. It will be noted on the product page whether the item comes with the pedestal or not.

    Question: Once the order is placed and payment received, how long does it take to put the numbers on the boxes before shipping?
    Answer: Right now the processing time for the cluster boxes is 1-3 weeks before shipment.

    Question: Do you have a 36 mail box unit?
    No, the largest number of doors available is a 29 Door Unit. Please click the link to view all configurations of the 4C Cluster Box Units offered. Thank you.

    Question: What's the difference between your regular cluster mailboxes and the high security ones?
    Answer: The regular mailboxes are made of aluminum. The high security are made of aluminum and steel. They also have extra security features on the doors to prevent entry.

    Question: Who manufacturers your standard cluster mailboxes?
    Answer: They will be shipped by Salsbury or Auth-Florence depending on availability.

    Question: do you have a 24 slot mailbox
    Answer: Yes, here is the SKU: WL-3413D-24SANBM

    Question: Is there a configuration that has 12 boxes with no parcel box
    Answer: Yes here is the SKU: WL-3407D-12SANBM

    Question: Our condo assn. has a CBU that was manufactured by American locker security systems Inc. in 1999. We are looking for a new base for it. Do you carry these kind of pedestals? The serial # for the unit is 54375
    Answer: I'm sorry, but we unfortunately do not carry that manufacturer.

    Question: I am looking for a cluster box for an office building with three suites. Sometimes we receive parcel packages also. What type of boxes would you suggest?
    Answer: The four door cluster box unit. Sku: WL-1570-4T5SDBM

    Approved CBU Mailboxes
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