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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Can you do a different cat besides the calico? Like a black and white?
Answer: Please inform us of which item you are referring too.

Question: What are the dimensions of the individual boxes for WL-3410D-4PGRYBM?
Answer: 17.25 in. H x 13.25 in. W x 19 in. D

Question: Do you sell the locks to your mailboxes?
Answer: We do carry locks for some mailboxes. Please call us with what type of mailbox you have and we can direct you to the proper location.

Question: How long is the warranty on this 4850d for rust and corrosion over the years? And can I mount this on by 4x4 wood post? Please let me know asap.
Answer: Salsbury warranty for residential mailboxes state. Their mailboxes are made to be mounted on their post only. Any other mounting would not be recommended.

Question: We bought a WL2240GUBM a few years ago but find we need a horizontal mount unit. Is that available?
Answer: No, this is the only way this box comes.

Question: Yesterday, I found a 16-door cluster mailbox for $1066.78 on your site. I can't find it today. Did your price change?
The pricing is the same. You can find them here.

Question: Do you have a Canadian distributor or do you ship to Ontario, Canada?
Answer: For Canadian and international orders, please see our International Orders FAQ page for more information. Thank you.

Question: I'm trying to order the black liberty mailbox and post. I see there are two locations for side plaques when ordering. Up top for $85.99 and below for $42.99 each. Is there supposed to be two different plaques? If so, what's the difference? Does the price of $85.99 contain 2 plaques, one for each side? If there is in fact a difference, what is it?
Answer: The side plaque cost covers both sides with the package. The 42.99 is to purchase a single plaque for one side.

Question: Can I get information (MSDS sheet) for Red Refill for Pre-Inked Stamp Product No N1024686. Thank you for your help.
Answer: Hello, we are not the manufacturer. We are an online retail store. We do not have that information. Please contact the manufacturer directly.

Question: Hi, we received the mailboxes. It comes with keys for each boxes but wasn't able to find the main lock for postman. Do we have to buy separately?
Answer: The postman will install his own lock. You must contact the post office for someone to come and install it.

Question: The post seems so tall. Can it be cut or do u have a shorter post for the mailbox
Answer: Please let us know what post you are referring to.

Question: WL-5810-G-PKGBM - Mayne Post Mailbox: Can a second newspaper tube be added to the post?
Answer: No, these come with one newspaper box only.

Question: Do you have instructions on how to install the mailbox in a new masonry wall?
Answer: We would need to know what mailbox you have.

Question: I am looking for a Thru the Wall Drop Box Chute, the package size I have is 7" x 6" x 10". Do you have any drop boxes that will work?
Answer: Please click the link to view our Book Drop. The drop opening is 12.25 inches W x 6 inches H. This is the largest Wall Drop that we have available.

Question: I am wanting to purchase the Whitehall Decorative Post Mount Mailbox in Black. I would like to use the 10Sale code for 10% off of my purchase but I also received an email for Welcome 10 for signing up for email alerts. I would like to use both.
Answer: I am sorry, but unfortunately you cannot use two coupon codes.

Question: Hi, I have a 2-year-old Windemere rural box. Front/opening plastic decorative trim was damaged by snowplow. Part # on back is MB420. Do you have a stock for this item? Thank you! -Jill
Answer: Sorry, we do not carry this mailbox.

Question: I'm looking for a special yard sign. A pregnant cowgirl in boots with a baby cowgirl or pushing a baby biggie in silhouette style. Can you make it?
Answer: Sorry, no we cannot.

Question: How do I install the mailbox post?
Answer: Please let us know what mailbox post you are referring to.

Question: Mailbox did not come with post nor the number plate for the sides, will this be shipped later or from another supplier?
Answer: Your order is shipping from three different manufacturers for the mailbox, post, and plaque.

Question: I am looking at an Imperial Systems model LP2 Lamp Post to match the style of a mailbox we purchased from you about two years ago. I could not find this model on your website.
Answer: Please call for assistance, 866-707-0008

Question: I would like to get a quote for recessed mailboxes for a apartment building. I have about 137 units.
Answer: Please fill out and submit our Bulk Quote Form.

Question: Can you get replacement parts for these mailboxes?
Answer: Please call and let us know what kind of mailboxes you are referring to.

Question: I am looking for a mailbox that can be attached to a wrought iron gate without altering the gate. Do you have a vertical mailbox that has an erotically slot and a catch basin?
Answer: We do not have anything with those specifications.

Question: Do you have mailbox clusters of 50 to 60 units? each unit would be smaller in size like 4 to 5" wide x 5 to 6" high and a depth of a little bit more than a legal size letter.
Answer: Cluster boxes do not come in a size that large. The only way to get to 50 - 60 units would be to buy multiple boxes.

Question: I have a very old metal house name plaque. It has a cardinal on it. It was my parents'. I would like to refurbish it. A letter "L" is missing on one side. The letters sit in a slot. The letters are metal, 2" high with a 1/4" base that fits in the slot. I need that missing letter. Do you have such an item?
Answer: Sorry, we do have 2-inch letters but they are not made of metal.

Question: I need an inexpensive, wall-mounted, non-locking individual mailboxes. Do you have it?
Answer: Please search "4620" for our least expensive non-locking mailbox.

Question: Can I please get the installation instructions and specs for the 4-C ped mount unit? Maybe you have it in PDF?
Answer: Please specify which 4c unit you are referring to.

Question: Do you have any video help on installing mailbox posts in cement or over a 4x4 post?
Answer: We do not have any post installation videos at this time.

Question: Regarding the Salsbury Signature series small oval hanging address plaque, is there a signage on both sides?
Answer: No, only one side.

Question: What is the overall length of the post for SKU 450?
Answer: The standard floral post is 58 inches tall.

Question: Do you ship to Singapore? What is the shipping cost for a plague?
Answer: Please call for assistance.

Question: Does the Ladder Rest and Sign (Large)- LS-278 clamp onto the post?
Answer: They slide over the pole and clamp with a screw.

Question: On MB# WL-WM-2BM, it says that you have a drop-in lock box that you can get with it. My question is, can this lock portion be easily removed when you don't want to use it?
Answer: Yes the insert is removable.

Question: Can the oasis box be ordered to accommodate the usps arrow lock
Answer: No it cannot.

Question: Do you have a way to add "123" (our address) to a mailbox, like 5503-B for instance?
Answer: There is not an option to have the numbers placed on that particular mailbox, but we do sell many different types of numbers you could place on the unit. For instance, SKU: WL-brass-numbers BM

Question: I need a 26-slot cluster box. I have a condo community with 78 units. I need three 26-slot boxes with 2 parcel lockers at the bottom. Also, can you number the slots 1 through 78?
Answer: Here is the SKU for the 26-door unit: WL-3414D-26WHTBM. Yes, you may number them 1-78. Please call for assistance.

Question: We are looking for a wall-mount mailbox for for a low-income apartment building. We want something that can be used by our local post office and has enough space for 17 apartments to receive mail.
Answer: Please call for assistance with finding the best option.

Question: I think I ordered the wrong thing. How do I change my order?
Answer: Please call for assistance with your order.

Question: Hello, I need a copy of an invoice that I was billed for?
Answer: Please call in. We need more info to send it to you.

Question: How can I get replacement locks and/or keys?
Answer: Yes, please call for assistance.

Question: How long will it take to ship a mailbox/post package to Sanibel, FL 33957. Can you give me a tentative delivery date if I order today?
Answer: It depends on the product. Please call for assistance.

Question: I need a front loading gang box with 14 units and an outgoing mail slot. A large package box would be great as well. It cannot be any larger than 48" high, 72" wide and will sit on a 9" wide ledge. Do you have something? I need it in Columbus OH the week of January 5th.
Answer: Please call for help finding options.

Question: How do you "attach" outgoing mail to a column-mounted box?
Answer: There are flags made for column mailboxes to notify mail carrier.

Question: SKU is 3712D-12AFU. When can this be possibly shipped?
Answer: Ships in 2-3 weeks.

Question: How do i return an item?
Answer: Fill out a return request form. You can find the link on the bottom of any page.

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