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4B Horizontal Mailboxes

4B Mailboxes Based on Doors Size
72 Products
Starting at $597.97
24 Products
Starting at $597.97
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4B Mailbox Parts & Accessories
4B Mailboxes - Parts
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4B Mailboxes - Collection Units
48 Products
Starting at $797.97
4B Horizontal Mailboxes are shown below in four different categories. 4B Horizontal Mailboxes are for replacement use only. Check with your local post master to determine if a 4B is allowed in your site. 4B Mailboxes are inexpensive, however, due to Post Office ruling that a 4C mailbox is required for all new construction, the private use models are strictly for private use. The USPS models are approved by the United States Postal Service for old construction (get post master approval). These front and rear loading mailboxes are commonly installed at condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, colleges and government buildings.
Have a question about this product?
Question: what is the cost to install a cluster of mailbox's
Answer: Sorry, be we don't offer a mailbox installation service.

Question: I'm looking for front loading data distribution boxes with locks.
Answer: Please view our selection of  Data Distribution boxes for more details. Thank you.

Question: What are the door and compartment identification options for the 4B Horizontal Mailbox?
Answer: Each mailbox door includes a 2'' W x 5/8'' H clear plastic card holder to identify the tenantís name and/or box number. Self-adhesive numbers (1-3000 available) are supplied upon request with a standard order. Custom identification systems are available as an option upon request. Label holders (#1070) neatly organize and identify the front/rear of the mailbox compartments and are available as an option upon request. Thank you for your inquiry.

Question: do you guys sale only doors Im missing 5 in my property, let me know
Answer: Yes, if you can identify the specific mailbox you have, on the listing for that mailbbox there is a section below the mailbox images for parts. You can find and purchase the mailbox door from there.

Question: Do you have a 16 horizontal mailbox with rear loading & private use only. Our current box is 28" wide, 23" deep and 23 1/2" high. There are 15 private boxes and the 16th box is for outgoing mail.
Answer: We carry a 15 door and a 18 door but do not have a 16 door available.

Question: Do you have a 8 bank mail box available?
Answer: Yes, please view our 8 door horizontal mailboxes for more details.

4B Horizontal Mailboxes
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