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Front Loading Wall Mount 4C Mailboxes

Choosing the right Front Loading Horizontal Mailbox

Front-loading mailboxes include a Master Loading Door prepared for the USPS Arrow Lock, which provides easy access to all compartments simultaneously by the carrier. Front loading horizontal mailboxes are the most common since they are easily serviced from the front, whereas rear loading units require access to a room behind the recessed 4C mailbox installation.

Here some common questions related to front loading horizontal mailboxes:

  • Are these units USPS approved? Yes, these horizontal mailboxes are USPS approved. However, they can also be configured for private use if desired. Private use simply means that someone in your organization will be delivering mail and that the USPS will not be servicing the mailboxes.
  • Are there other colors available? Yes, on each 4C Mailbox product page you will see an option to select the color of your choice. Sandstone and Gray are the most common choices, but colors such as Black, Antique Bronze, Dark Bronze, Gold, Silver, and White are also available.
  • Do all Front Loading 4C Mailboxes have to be recessed into a wall? No, you can purchase front loading 4C Mailboxes with either a surface mount collar for direct-to-wall mounting or a free standing depot that does not require mounting on its own. Note: this does not apply to rear loading 4C mailboxes.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Can you direct me to your mailbox posts store?
Answer: Yes, please view our selection of Mailbox Posts for more details. Thank you.

Question: I am doing a 177-unit complex, and I need mailboxes and parcel boxes. They are indoor under roof and front load. The one wall is 12'6" and i have two side walls 7' long. I am looking at best price only. The 35 unit boxes with separate parcel units will be ok.
Answer: If you are looking for a quote; please go to the bulk discounts section and fill out the form.

Front Loading Wall Mount 4C Mailboxes
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