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Mail Boss Locking Mailboxes

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Mailboss Locking Mailboxes

Mailboss Locking Mailboxes

As a company, Mail Boss was born out of the need to have a high-quality yet affordable locking mailbox after the company president became a victim of mail-theft. In this day and age, the need to protect one’s personal and business mail could not be greater. In 2006, the first Mail Boss locking security mailbox became available and contributed to the company’s success. Equipped with a patented Fast-Trak mounting feature and security lock design, it quickly became the popular choice among homeowners and business managers looking to prevent mail and identity theft. Today, Mail Boss offers dozens of locking mailbox models, and they are all available at

Installation Instructions
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Mail Boss Mailboxes offers superior mail protection, generous storage capacity and ease of installation. The Mail Boss Ultimate High Security Locking Mailbox keeps your valuable mail safe from the elements. Identity theft will be the least of your worries! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. A product expert is ready to help you find the Mail Boss Post Mount Mailbox that's perfect for your requirements.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: May I know the dimensions of the Mail Boss Ultimate High Security Locking Triple Mailbox?
Answer: The Mail Boss Ultimate High Security Locking Triple Mailbox measures 21"D x 11.25"W x 13.75"H. Thank you.

Question: What is the USPS requirement for height of the box from the ground? I have a 7106 MailBoss and am concerned about the height of the mail slot near top will cause a problem.
Answer: The incoming mail slot of your Mail Boss must be 41-45" above the roads surface, as noted in the following link.

Question: Are there available additional keys for mail boss box with round-type key? I have a key with the number insert but would like additional keys.
Answer: We do not sell Mailboss keys. Please contact the manufacturer for more information.

Question: How is the mail delivered? Does the carrier need a key also? how much mail will they hold? I am sometimes gone for 2 weeks.
Answer: The mail is delivered through a slot directly below the out-going mail section. The postal carrier will not need a key.  Please see this Spec Sheet for more information and dimensions.

Question: Is a thumb lock available for mail boss townhouse wall mount locking mailbox?
Answer: No it does not have a thumblatch option.

Question: Do you recommend mounting on a wood post?
Answer: A wooden post is not recommended. These mailboxes have specific post to be mounted to.

Question: My mailbox was pried open and they broke the lock. Do you sell new locks to fit post mount?
Answer: We do not but you may be able to get one through the manufacturer.

Question: How much for a key to the Mail Boss 7506?
Answer: We do not sell this key.

Mail Boss Locking Mailboxes
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