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Recessed Vertical Mailboxes

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These locking Recessed Vertical Mount Mailboxes come in 3 door, 4 door, 5 door, 6 door and 7 door variants. These commercial mailboxes are perfect for condominiums, dormitories, stadiums, gyms, amongst others. To order retail or wholesale vertical mailboxes, send us an email, give us a call, or have a chat with a live assistant.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Do you have 8-compartment vertical mailboxes?
Answer: No, sorry, verticals don't come in 8 doors.

Question: I am searching for the vertical mailboxes for 8 units. Since the maximum is for 7 mailboxes, would this mean that I would need to order 2 units of the 4 mailboxes to cover all of the tenants?
Answer: Yes, unfortunately there is not an 8-door vertical mailbox on the market so 2 of the four doors units would be the typical solution.

Question: Can I get an 11-door vertical recessed mailbox?
Answer: No, you would need to get a 5 and 6 door unit.

Question: Do you have 9-compartment boxes that are 4 inches wide and 15 1/2 inches high.
Answer: The largest vertical being made now is a 7-door unit. The previous style has been discontinued.

Question: What are the finishes available for the front loading vertical mailbox?
Answer: These vertical mailboxes come in brass, aluminum, sandstone, green and bronze. Thank you.

Question: I need a Salsbury Industries 4-door recessed USPS vertical mailbox that has a textured brass-color finish. I can send a photo if you reply with an email address that I can send an attachment to. The texturing is in the form of corrugated vertical ribs.
Answer: Okay, that shouldn't be a problem. Please email the photo to

Question: If I buy a 3-door vertical recessed unit from you, where do I get the doorbell buttons from? The buttons I have now are broken and are on a strip that is directly below the mailboxes. It's about 0.5 inches tall.
Answer: There is an option to add the push button doorbells.  They are installed into the individual doors of this unit.

Question: I'm looking for a 4-door recessed mailbox with dimensions of 16in x 17in?
Answer: Regulations changed and so did the dimensions of these boxes. Only a few manufacturers still make this style for private use only.

Question: I bought a 4-door unit about 10 years ago and had it installed but never used it and have now lost all the keys. It is currently open. Is there a way to buy replacement keys for this?
Answer: You will need to purchase new locks if you no longer have the keys.

Question: Do you have 8-door or 9-door vertical recessed mailboxes?
Answer: No, unfortunately the largest vertical mailbox offered is a 7-door unit. Thank you.

Question: I need 8-door recessed vertical mailboxes.
Answer: This would have to be a custom order request from the manufacturer. Vertical mailboxes do not come standard in 8 doors.

Question: I now have a three-door unit. I would like to purchase a single-door unit for an additional apartment added.
Answer: The smallest vertical unit we sell is a 3-door unit.

Question: What are the measurements for the 5-door recessed vertical mailbox?
Answer: The Auth-Florence brand is 17" h x 27.5" w 6" D, and the Salsbury is 29-3/4" W x 19" H x 7-1/2" D.

Question: Do you have 51-compartment vertical mailboxes?
Answer: No, we do not.

Question: Do the semi-recessed mailboxes come with push button bells?
Answer: No, only the Fully-Recessed mailboxes are available with doorbells.

Question: We want a locked outgoing mailbox for each unit and we need 1 5-unit, 3 4-unit and 23 6-unit recessed mailboxes. Can we get a locking one that will not be recessed?
Answer: Please call for assistance.

Question: I am looking a single-door mailbox; it looks like 6x18 steel door. If you guys have it, just reply.
Answer: We do have vertical doors for sale. We would just need to know who the manufacturer is to get you the correct one. Please call for assistance.

Question: Do you have a replacement key for Salsbury USPS-STD-4B+? (This is for Condominium Mailbox Located at 22346 Harbor Ridge Lane #4, Torrance, California Zip 90502)
Answer: You can order a order a box of blanks or you can order a new lock.

Question: Do you have high-end boxes for luxury apartments?
Answer: Yes, we have decorative CBU's.

Question: i need to replace a 10-compartment vertical mailbox. Do you have it?
Answer: No, we sell up to a 7-door vertical unit.

Question: Do you have the recessed mailbox with outgoing mail?
Answer: You can add an outgoing mail door in place of another door. The SKU is: WL-3569BM. You must order a Salsbury brand unit to use this door.

Recessed Vertical Mailboxes
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