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Vertical Mailboxes

Vertical mailboxes include recessed mounted mailboxes, surface mounted mailboxes, apartment style mailboxes and custom vertical mailboxes. is your one-stop home and commercial mailbox online shop. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. A knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you and help you find the commercial vertical mailbox that's perfect for your business.

    Recessed Vertical Mount Mailboxes
    3 Door Recessed Vertical Mailboxes
    7 Products
    Starting at $105.00
    4 Door Recessed Vertical Mailboxes
    7 Products
    Starting at $138.00
    5 Door Recessed Vertical Mailboxes
    7 Products
    Starting at $156.79
    6 Door Recessed Vertical Mailboxes
    7 Products
    Starting at $167.79
    7 Door Recessed Vertical Mailboxes
    7 Products
    Starting at $196.79
    Surface Mount Vertical Mailboxes
    3 Door Surface Vertical Mailboxes
    7 Products
    Starting at $116.99
    4 Door Surface Vertical Mailboxes
    7 Products
    Starting at $155.99
    5 Door Surface Vertical Mailboxes
    7 Products
    Starting at $195.99
    6 Door Surface Vertical Mailboxes
    7 Products
    Starting at $234.99
    7 Door Surface Vertical Mailboxes
    7 Products
    Starting at $273.99
    Vertical Mailbox Accessories
    Key Keepers
    12 Products
    Starting at $28.99
    Key Cabinets
    19 Products
    Starting at $48.99
    D300 Directory for Vertical Mailboxes
    20 Products
    Starting at $65.94
    Door Chimes
    14 Products
    Starting at $24.94
    Have a question about this product?
    Question: Does the vertical multi unit mailbox series meet can ada post regulations
    Answer: You will need to contact your local postal service to inquire.

    Question: Do you sell just the portion of the mailbox that holds magazines/newspapers?? basically, just the container that goes under the mailbox. thanks
    Answer: That style of vertical mailboxes have been discontinued and most parts and accessories are no longer being made.

    Question: Are 4C Pedestal Mailboxes available?
    Answer: Yes, please view our 4C Pedestal Mailboxes. Thank you.

    Question: Do you have any with nine vertical slots and 3 slots. We would need Stands for them as well. I am talking about 2 nine slots and 2 3 slots and one 18 slot one. This is what we would need. And is there a price brake for this order. We would need nice strong ones.
    Answer: Please give us a call to discuss these details.

    Question: Do you have 20 recessed vertical boxes?
    Answer: No, the largest vertical mailboxes in production in US are 7 door units.

    Question: Do you have a 2 door mail box for a duplex?
    Answer: Not in a vertical. The three door is the smallest made however you could turn the third door into an outgoing mailbox by adding a mailslot. This would give you two tenant door and an outgoing compartment.

    Question: Need 1 set of 8 standard vertical recessed mail boxes
    Answer: The USPS does not approve an 8 unit vertical mailbox system. The best option for having a 8 tennant doors will be 2 x 4 tennant door vertical mailbox.

    Question: I can't find anything on your site that speaks of locks and keys.... can a standard locally purchase lock fit your boxes... can keys to your locks be reproduced locally.... how can I find info on your locaks and keys...
    Answer: Hi Tom, with regards to your question about locks and keys for vertical mailboxes. Please view this Screencast (click link) for a full answer.

    Question: do you have any 8 door surface mount verticle mailboxes? Looking for the best price and still reasonable quality
    Answer: No, anything over 7 is not up to current regulations.

    Question: Do you sell 2 door recessed vertical boxes?
    Answer: No, the three door is the smallest made.

    Question: We need small horizontal mailbox, brass, for 6 customers. Limited space, hold letter/legal size only. no newspapers, packages.
    Answer: The 8 door brass mailbox is the smallest available.

    Question: I need an 8 unit mailbox for a Mechanic shops, regular mail, will be mounted on a wall ( exterior ). What model can you suggest?
    Answer: Two of the 4 Door Vertical Mailboxes is the most cost efficient if you have approval from your local USPS  to install.

    Question: Can these be customized to have six boxes rather than five? Can they be stacked? We have 12 apartments in the building.
    Answer: Yes, a six door unit is available and they may be stacked 2 rows high.

    Question: I currently have 2 banks of 12 (6 over 6) verticle mail boxes at our condominium inFklorida (Century Village) These banks of 12 are each 26" wide by 36 tall. The two banks are butted together for an Overall slot width of 52" wide by 36" tall. Do you have a product to replace my boxes from the middle 1970s ?
    Answer: These are the only vertical mailboxes we sell on our site.We offer Auth-Florence and Salsbury brand.

    Question: I need an 8 door recessed verticle mailbox
    Answer: We do not sell an 8 door vertical box. You can purchase to 4 doors and install them together.

    Question: installations provide miami,florida
    Answer: We do not have any relationship with installation companies.

    Question: Looking for a 4 vertical mailbox to replace what is there. But the one I have has a large opening on top that mail man has a key to, he opens with one key and drops mail down into four boxes. Do you have any like that?
    Answer: Yes we do. Here is a sku: WL-3504BSUBM . This is a surface mount, there is also recessed mount and other colors available.

    Question: Do you acrry self adhesive name tags commercial mailboxes?e
    Answer: In our keyword search, search the word "placard" for results.

    Question: can I get the vertical mailboxes in a double gang? I have 12 units that I need a mailbox for- wanted 6 over 6
    Answer: You can purchase to 6 door mailboxes and install them one over the other.

    Question: do you have a 10 door wall mount mailbox
    Answer: We do in the 4c horizontal mailboxes. There is not 10 door vertical unit.You would have to purchase two 5 door units.

    Question: Do you sell the plastic cover that goes over the name tag?
    Answer: Please take a look at this Clear Plastic Card Holder.

    Question: can I buy an 8 door vertical mail box to replace what we have
    Answer: The vertical mailboxes we sell only go up to 7 doors.

    Question: I need a 6 unit with doorbells.
    Answer: Please click the link to view the 6 Door Mailbox with Doorbells. Thank you.

    Question: i need replacement locks and keys
    Answer: Please call for assistance so we can determine what type you need.

    Question: i need to replace a mailbox that is two 11 door, can you help
    Answer: We do not have any 11 door vertical mailbox units.

    Vertical Mailboxes
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