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With a company history spanning over 65 years, Whitehall Products are renowned for their expert craftsmanship and artistry. Among their many quality products you'll find weathervanes, personalized home address plaques, mailboxes, and garden decor ranging from hose holders, birdbaths, birdfeeders, and sundials. Fun fact: Whitehall is the largest manufacturer of weathervanes in the U.S. Furthermore, Whitehall designers and craftsman fashion their products from rust-free recycled aluminum in Whitehall's manufacturing facilities located in Western Michigan. When you purchase a Whitehall mailbox, weathervane, or home address plaque, you can be rest assured that are you purchasing a quality product built to last.

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Whitehall Product Warranty
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Whitehall Products Top Categories
Mailboxes and Mailbox Packages
Superior Mailbox Packages
4 Products
Starting at $423.99
Ultimate Mailbox Packages
4 Products
Starting at $551.99
Premium Mailbox Packages
4 Products
Starting at $313.99
Deluxe Mailbox Packages
4 Products
Starting at $423.99
Westwood Mailbox Packages
3 Products
Starting at $474.98
Estate Mailbox Packages
4 Products
Starting at $540.94
Deluxe Chalet Mailbox Packages
4 Products
Starting at $330.99
Classic Chalet Mailbox Packages
4 Products
Starting at $262.99
Standard Chalet Mailbox Packages
4 Products
Starting at $287.99
Chalet Mailboxes - Mailbox Only
8 Products
Starting at $100.99
Wall Mount Mailboxes
6 Products
Starting at $143.99
Liberty Mailbox Packages
4 Products
Starting at $398.79
Mailboxes with Statesville Posts
3 Products
Starting at $438.79
Whitehall Mailbox Only
4 Products
Starting at $182.99
Multi-Unit Mailbox Packages
3 Products
Starting at $676.00
Mailbox Signs
5 Products
Starting at $48.99
Mailbox Sign Ornaments
27 Products
Starting at $27.99
Mailbox Parts
19 Products
Starting at $23.99
Address Plaques by Whitehall
Architectural Address Plaques
75 Products
Starting at $36.99
Artisan Address Plaques
18 Products
Starting at $89.99
Classic Address Plaques
70 Products
Starting at $103.99
Decorative Plaques
57 Products
Starting at $42.99
Entryway Plaques
17 Products
Starting at $34.99
Illuminated & Reflective Address Plaques
14 Products
Starting at $19.99
Memorial Markers Address Plaques
5 Products
Starting at $55.99
Specialty Address Plaques
22 Products
Starting at $51.99
Hanging Address Plaques
7 Products
Starting at $23.99
Vertical/Horizontal Address Plaques
19 Products
Starting at $60.99
Statement Plaque
43 Products
Starting at $41.99
Whitehall House Address Numbers
20 Products
Starting at $3.99
Home & Garden Decor
Cupola Weathervanes
3 Products
Starting at $305.99
Garden Accents Garden Poem Signs
6 Products
Starting at $30.00
Garden Accents Hose Holders
34 Products
Starting at $37.99
Garden Accents Nature Hooks
17 Products
Starting at $19.99
Garden Accents Lanterns
18 Products
Starting at $32.00
Garden Accents Bird Baths & Bird Feeders
75 Products
Starting at $27.99
Garden Accents Sundials
43 Products
Starting at $32.00
Garden Accents Sundial/Birdbath Combo
26 Products
Starting at $27.99
Home Accents Clock/Thermometer Mix
41 Products
Starting at $42.99
Home Accents Welcome Mats
11 Products
Starting at $89.99
Home Accents Wall Decor & Hooks
2 Products
Starting at $15.99
Garden Accents Faucets
8 Products
Starting at $46.99
Home Accents Doorbells
8 Products
Starting at $46.99
Home Accents Door Knockers
2 Products
Starting at $64.99
Home Accents Eagles
10 Products
Starting at $32.00
Home Accents Country Bells
20 Products
Starting at $32.00
Have a question about this product?
Question: I have your mailbox and the paint has fallen off. How do I paint it? I bought 61 of them for my neighborhood and two or three have chipped.
Answer: Please call the number below. They will be happy to assist you with this information.

Call Toll Free: 800-728-2164

Question: Do you offer Whitehall DeSign It Series Address Plaques?
Answer: Yes, please see our Whitehall Personalized Plaques. Thank you.

Question: I need the small round magnet that keeps the mail box closed. It is screwed onto the inside of the lid at the top.
Answer: Hi Jim, we don't carry the magnets for Whitehall Mailboxes. I don't think they sale them, however if this is a result of a defect of their mailbox, because they have an excellent warranty, I would recommend contacting them directly @ Toll Free: 800-728-2164

Question: I have your mailbox and the neighbor kids broke the door off breaking the screw/washer that holds the door onto the mailbox. Can I purchase just that screw/washer? And if not, can I purchase just the mailbox as I don't need the post or newspaper holder?
Answer: Whitehall Products does not offer replacement parts for their mailboxes however the mailbox is available for purchase by itself.

Question: I bought the Whitehall ultimate package do I need a treated post to slide the metal post over or do I just use your post
Answer: You do not need a wooden post. Everything to install is included.

Question: Do your wedding plaques not have doves on them anymore, instead of the cardinals? I have bought a few over the years, and doves are supposed to mate for life which seems like it would be more appropriate for a wedding gift. Was wanting to purchase one for a family member, but prefer the doves.
Answer: We do have a wedding plaque with doves. Please search this sku: WL-PCS-51BM

Question: mail box lock replacements
Answer: We do not sale replacement locks for whitehall. You may contact them directly for assistance.

Question: I have a superior mailbox in white. Brand new new. Did not receive a left bracket. Can u get me one?
Answer: Who did you order the mailbox through?

Question: I have an aluminum mailbox. I would like a side plaque with my street numbers in gold -I think # 2694 . I was told the plaques are magnetic . I would like to order a side panel plaque in bronze with gold or brass letters .
Answer: The plaques are placed on with screws not magnets. Here is the SKU for the plaques: WL-WH-1425xxBM

Whitehall Products
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