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4B Mailboxes - 30+ Tenants

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Is this product weather proof? How do I set it up with the USPS?
Answer: The 4B Mailboxes are not weather proof and would need to be installed under an overhang or in a protected area. You will need to contact your local Post Master for approval of these units and let them know you will need them to deliver to these units. A Master Arrow Lock needs to be installed which is provided by your local postmaster as well.

Question: What are the dimensions?
Answer: The dimensions are: 35.75 in. W x 40.75 in. H x 16.5 in. D

Question: My drawings are calling for B+ #3635 #3628. Can you give me a quote? We need 124 mailboxes.
Answer: Please fill out the form in the bulk quote section on our website.

Question: Hello, I need to order blank mailbox keys
Answer: Please search WL-3699BM .

Question: Can this be put on a pedestal?
Answer: No, the 4B units are designed to be recess mounted in a wall.  If you need a pedestal mount unit, please see 4C Pedestal Units.

Question: What is the depth of the units?
Answer: The depth of the 4B 35 Door Mailbox Unit is 16-1/2".

Question: Do you sell any units that requires a code or combination; keyless entry?
Answer: Here is the sku for the combination lock for 4b mailboxes: WL-3686BM

Question: I need 48 boxes. What are my options?
Answer: There are many options depending on what type of mailbox you're looking for. Please call for assistance.

Question: Does each box has 1 key for postman and individual keys for owners?
Answer: Yes, that's how the system works.

4B Mailboxes - 30+ Tenants
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