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Oasis Locking Curbside Mailboxes

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At Architectural Mailboxes, their vision is to create a sense of personal pride for each homeowner who chooses to enhance their home's aesthetic appeal with one of their products. They understand that today's consumers are remarkably well-informed and recognize exceptional product design and quality when making purchasing decisions. They also acknowledge that today's homeowners choose products that increase both the visual and real value of their home investment. For these reasons, they are committed to developing and producing innovative mailboxes that embody tasteful design, functionality and quality.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I have purchased a model 6200 mailbox and wondered if my plate is sufficient to mount it on. The galvanized plate is 1/4 " thick and is 4 1/2" X 2 1/4".
Answer: I can only recommend, you get the manufacturer's plate to mount this mailbox on. There is no guarantee it will fit as it was not made by the manufacturer.

Question: Is there a door on the back of the mailbox? If so, please inform me which one.
Answer: There are no rear doors on these units.

Question: All 3 boxes look the same, why is there a price difference? Please provide with the posts available to fit either of these 3 boxes
Answer: The mailboxes are different sizes. The post that works for each one is located on the item page. Just click on the mailbox you want to view.

Oasis Locking Curbside Mailboxes
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