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Should you ever need it - Architectural Mailboxes has a replacement lock avaiable for your locking mailbox. Compatible with any of their locking mailboxes, this universal lock kit with two matching keys is a quick way to resolve your issue. Also available - key blanks, for those extra keys you give to a trusted friend for emergencies. Architectural Mailboxes has a history of proven quality, and continues to provide homeowners products that enhance their property.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: If we order key blanks; is this something that just about any hardware store can cut to match our existing keys, or do they require a special cutting machine?
Answer: There is no special process for cutting the keys. Your local merchant should be able to do this for you.

Question: I don't want to unlock your mailbox every time I get the mail. Is it possible to leave it "closed" but "unlocked"?
Answer: Please let us know which mailbox you are referring to.

Parts and Accessories
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