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Post Mount Mailboxes

This is the real indestructible mailbox. The Strongbox is made of 20 pounds of 12-gauge steel. It has been thoroughly tested to hold up to baseball bats, 2 x 4's and steel pipes. With the traditional fiberglass wrap this will make a gift that will last a very long time.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Do you still do a mickey mouse figure on your mailboxes?
Answer: We do not sell any Mickey Mouse products at this time.

Question: Do you have a basset hound design?
Answer: Unfortunately, no. They currently do not offer a Basset Hound design.

Question: I already a have large bluegrass mailbox. How do you clean it from elements and trees?
Answer: The manufacturer only recommends cleaning with a mild soap and water.

Question: Can I replace the fiberglass cover of my Bacova Mailbox?
Answer: The fiberglass cover is riveted on in the factory so they do not currently offer the cover as a separate purchase.

Question: I purchased one of the Bluegrass Woods mailboxes from Wild Birds Unlimited in Madison, WI in 2007. All of the nails and the entire bottom of the front of the mailbox rusted and now the door has fallen off. There is no way to repair it since there is no where to screw another screw because of the rust. Is this how long we can expect this mailbox to last? Our subdivision requires this brand and we are ready to go to the association meeting and ask if we can consider another company. I just feel when you spend this type of money on a mailbox, it should last longer than 5 years! Please respond!
Answer: We have no history of issues with rusting on the Bluegrass Woods Mailboxes. You may wish to inquire with the manufacturer directly.

Question: Is there an English Setter design and can #'s be put on?
Answer: Unfortunately no. They currently do not offer an English Setter design. Optional personalization is offered with these mailboxes and can hold up to 3 lines of text and/or numbers depending on the size of the box.

Post Mount Mailboxes
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