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Effectively Planning For
USPS Delivery Service

A guide to centralized mail delivery equipment and the importance of planning early

Centralized Mail Delivery Equipment Options

Centralized mail delivery equipment can be in the form of any "clustered" style of mailboxes including free-standing, pedestal mounted Cluster Box Units (CBU), or other Standard 4C (STD-4C) compliant mailboxes mounted in or on a wall, free-standing cabinet or outdoor kiosk kit.

Manufacturers must produce a mailbox which meets or exceeds all US Postal Service (USPS) Specifiations and then submit a prototype to the USPS for rigorous testing and approval. Once accepted, the final product will receive the appropriate designation and be approved for use. All STD-4C compliant mailboxes must meet the USPS design and installation regulations to receive a "USPS Approved" designation; while all CBUs must also be offiially licensed by the USPS.

Not only is approved centralized mail delivery equipment now specified by the USPS for nearly all new construction projects, but newer types of equipment may also be required for any major renovation to older existing mailbox installations. For instance, if your project will disturb the rough opening of the wall your mailboxes are currently mounted into, new centralized mail delivery equipment such as the STD-4C may be required.

Besides wall-mounting, it is also vital that subdivision regulations and other community planning guidelines address the need to review and include common space planning for centralized mail delivery equipment - an all too often last minute consideration. This important public service should be addressed early in the planning process to provide developers with comprehensive resources which will help avoid headaches later and ensure mail delivery is not delayed. Effective pre-planning not only allows for the creation of a true community gathering area, but ensures that residents will not have to stand in the street, or have limited access to safely retrieve their mail and packages.

It is important to check with local postal officials prior to planning any mailbox installation to ensure local requirements and proper placement is included in the overall design plan.

To find a complete list of USPS Approved manufacturers, a local Post Offie ®, and/or the proper postal offiial nearest you, visit, or call 800-ASK-USPS (800-275-8777).

Centralized mail delivery provides delivery and collection services to a number of residences from a centrally located installation - whether in a single-family subdivision or multifamily structure. Business customers also receive delivery services from a convenient central location.

The U.S. Postal Service now specifies centralized mail delivery in nearly all new construction because it is the most efficient method of providing the best service, which helps keep the cost of mail service affordable.

Benefis of Centralized Mail Delivery

Centralized mail delivery is the most cost effective, sustainable method of delivery. With deliveries to more than 300 million people at 152 million locations every day, the benefis for both the U.S. Postal Service and its customers - residential and commercial alike, are obvious and real...

  • Multiple deliveries per stop results in faster service for customers due to less time per delivery stop, resulting in lower costs - the Postmaster General's offie estimates that door delivery costs the USPS about $353 per address each year while curbside delivery costs $224, and centralized delivery equipment $160 per address
  • Larger compartments hold several days worth of deliveries without rolling or folding the mail, and convenient built in package lockers eliminates the need to be home or at the offie during services hours - reducing extra trips to the Post Offie ® to retrieve items
  • Highly visible centralized mail centers are safer than isolated delivery locations for residents and help provide greater protection from mail theft and mailbox vandalism
  • Locked and secure mail collection saves residents trips to the Post Offie® or collection boxes and protects contents from the weather better than unsecured receptacles
  • Eliminates curbside "clutter" with more efficient use of space beautifying neighborhoods
  • Builds stronger neighbor relationships and trust as residents meet and talk while retrieving their mail - increasing community collaboration and awareness
  • Costs less to install per resident than individual mailboxes and mail delivery can often begin even before residences are occupied
  • Centralized mail locations reduce risks to letter carriers due to unleashed dogs and poorly maintained sidewalks
  • Fewer vehicle stops results in lower vehicle maintenance costs, fuel savings and reduced carbon emissions resulting in a "greener" method of delivery

The U.S. Postal Service specifiations require one parcel locker for every ten mail compartments for each installation. These parcel lockers can be added within each mailbox module or grouped together in one location near the mailboxes.

As centralized mail delivery equipment requires common space, be sure to plan early to accommodate the appropriate space needs within your design; taking into account necessary access for residents to safely retrieve their mail.

Plan for Centralized Mail Delivery Early!

The US Postal Service Operations Manual provides the USPS with autonomy to determine the appropriate mode of delivery; which is essential for the USPS to meet its universal service obligations in the most efficient manner possible. This includes the location and type of equipment to be used to ensure the safety, effiiency and convenience for both carriers and customers.

By including centralized mail delivery with other essential components of a project's infrastructure, this important public service can be addressed early in the planning process to avoid potential disruption of service and adequate and proper placement of the correct equipment. Just as other universal service providers need to determine appropriate placement for their infrastructure during the initial phases of a project, so too must the USPS be contacted to help with determining appropriate mail delivery solutions. Plus, effective early planning allows for the creation of a true community gathering area within the common space surrounding centralized mail delivery equipment; something residents will ultimately appreciate.

But new construction isn't the only project that should consider this service early on, any remodel project should also take into account centralized mail delivery during the planning phase of the project. If a major renovation will disturb the rough opening of an existing mailbox installation, newer centralized mail delivery equipment will be required.

Be sure to check with local postal authorities prior to planning any mailbox installation. To fid your local Post Offie ® , or the proper postal offiial nearest you, visit, or call 800-ASK-USPS (800-275-8777).

Good Planning Yields Good Results for New Construction and Remodel

Proper planning for appropriate common space in highly visible, centralized areas provides greater protection from mail theft and vandalism as well as better accessibility and safety in retrieving mail and packages.

Be sure installations face away from or are set back from rightof-ways so letter carriers and residents have clear and safe access to mailboxes.

Due to a major remodel - which changed the rough opening of the area the existing mailboxes were already mounted into, this facility was required to swap out old centralized mailbox equipment for the new STD-4C equipment; proper planning allowed for the increased space required by this equipment.

By removing old, obsolete equipment, this subdivision provided greater security and larger compartments for their residents while improving the look of the community areas; USPS coordination ensured continuous mail delivery without interruption.

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