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Salsbury Column Mailboxes - With Slot

These Column Mounted Mailboxes - With Slot were made more attractive with the word MAIL at the front, with some even having an eagle design at the centre. These mail houses also have locks to prevent mail theft. For more information, contact us today.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I had the Column Mailbox Locking white Eagle Door installed in a brick column. Someone used a device to get inbetween the door and frame and broke it open. The lock is damaged and the door will no longer shut all the way, so mail is not secure. I made a report to the US Postal Inspector and local Sheriff. What can be done to secure it?
Answer: I'm sorry to hear that. We do not sell the door parts for this mailbox. All I can recommend is replacing the unit.

Question: My neighbor shares a post with me and we would like to do a nice column. Will two column boxes ($113.98 each) fit within the USPS height specifications?
Answer: You should contact your local post office to get approval.

Question: Do you lift the mail flap or does it push in?
Answer: The slot door pushes inward.

Question: Does mailbox mount on a post?
Answer: No, these mailboxes are designed to be mounted inside a column.

Question: What are the rough in dimensions?
Answer: Rough Opening Dimensions: 10-3/4" W x 12-1/2" H x 15-1/4" D

Salsbury Column Mailboxes - With Slot
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