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Curbvault High Security Mailbox - Black

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Curbvault High Security Mailbox - Black

The CurbVault® from Mail Theft Solutions, Inc. protects your mail from delivery to retrieval, giving you the peace of mind and security you deserve.

The CurbVault® features 32 patented design elements that makes it virtually indestructible. It withstands the harshest elements and extreme weather conditions.

Product Features

The CurbVault® features a 3,200-cubic inch storage room that can hold several days' worth of mail. Totally eliminates your mail retrieval worries even when no one is around to do the job!

The CurbVault® has a secured mail depository base that can only be accessed by opening the rear panel. A self-locking door further secures the rear panel. For an extra added protection, the CurbVault exterior has 1/8 inch thick steel plates, strongly welded together, to make even the most intelligent mail thief seem novice.

  • 1/8" thick seam welded plate steel (resists baseball bats, bullets, pipe bombs)
  • The ultimate defense against mail and identity theft
  • A great alternative to brick
  • Vehicular "break-away" safety mount included
  • At-home "catch tray" for easy mail retrieval away from traffic
  • Self-locking door with rear retrieval access
  • Converter tray for "drive up" front retrieval access
  • Meets and exceeds all postal regulations
  • Oversized deposit door opening, no slot
  • 2 fashionable colors of ever enduring power coating, inside and out
  • Welded steel rods instead of breakable hinges
  • Huge storage capacity to prevent "mail holding" (3,200 cubic inch capacity)
  • Exclusive, mildew-resistant condensation system; water tight
  • Larger, newly designed red flag made of 1/8" steel
  • 50" outside total height
  • 35" from base to front door pivot (outside height front)
  • 12" x 13" base dimensions
  • 14" from inside front door to inside back wall
  • 11 5/8" x 13" deposit door opening
  • 11" x 11 3/8" real door opening
  • Accommodates Package Sizes: 9.5" x 1"-5" x 12"-18"
  • Without secure deflector shield: 10.75" x 9.75" x 14"
  • Weight: 131 lbs.
  • Virtually Indestructible 1/8" Steel

Frequently Asked Questions about the Curbvault Mailbox

Q-- What is a CurbVault® Mailbox?
A CurbVault® Mailbox is a well-secured mail receptacle that takes pride in its anti-theft and anti-vandal features. Built from sturdy and quality materials, your mail and any other equally important delivered documents, packages and parcels are protected and well-kept until they are retrieved. Aside from its useful functionality, the CurbVault is likewise elegantly designed to complement your lovely abode.

The CurbVault® is also excellent for use in commercial applications. Its primary purpose is to see to it that your mail and 'non-mail' items, important documents, payments or items dropped off after business hours by your employees, representatives or clients are privately held and protected against ill-meaning individuals and entities.

Q--Why do I need a CurbVault®?
Identity theft is a growing problem and it is through the mail that these thieves manage to steal some of our most important personal information. Mailbox vandalism is also an issue amongst residential homes. With the CurbVault®, you are protected against identity theft and vandalism. Thieves and vandals, however skillfull, will find its heavy steel construction indestructible. Your personal information will remain safe even when you leave the mail in the CurbVault® for days and days!

The CurbVault® also boasts of a much greater storage capacity than a conventional mailbox. Have the peace of mind in knowing that your mail is secured even when you go on an extended vacation.

Q--Where and how is a CurbVault® installed?
Your CurbVault® comes with an easy-to-follow owner's manual and you will be surprised at the simplicity of the installation process. It is installed at the same location as that of any conventional, curbside mailbox, whether on ground, concrete, or asphalt.

The CurbVault® may also be utlized as a drop box for packages or non-mail items. You have the option to install it away from the road and closer to your home or business office.

Q--How is CurbVault® better than a brick enclosure?
The CurbVault® is much more secured and has the capacity to hold large volumes of mail than a conventional brick enclosure. It has a hidden in-ground mount that is designed to break-away upon impact, reducing the risk of injuries and liabilities.

Q--What is the 'catch tray' used for and where is it located?
The catch tray is located inside the back door of the CurbVault®. Its purpose is to stop mail from reaching the vault's floor. This makes retrieving mail an easier task. You also have the option to remove the catch tray when you are expecting heavy volumes of mail.

Q--How does the converter tray work and where is it located?
The converter tray is located inside the front door and used for outgoing mail items. This enhances the anti-theft feature of the CurbVault®. In this mode, retrieval must be made from the rear using the key or optional key pad.

Retrieval can be made from the front by removing the converter shelf, turning it around, and re-inserting it as instructed in the owner's manual. However, in this position, the CurbVault® offers no protection from theft! The converter position is for people who prefer to 'drive thru' and retrieve the mail without getting out of the car, and seldom use the anti-theft and storage features.

Q--What colors are offered and how durable is the finish?
The CurbVault® is available in a variety of basic colors, including black, white, and silver. Other colors, including custom colors may be available upon request with volume orders. The CurbVault® features only the most durable baked on powder coated finish. Under normal use, the finish will last for many years. A good rust preventative enamel is recommended for its maintenance.

Q--What about the warranty, parts and accessories?
The CurbVault®, under normal wear and tear conditions, carries a lifetime replacement warranty. The lock and gold plated handle carry a one-year replacement warranty. Accessories will soon be available, so watch out for exciting custom options.

Q--How is the CurbVault® delivered?
The CurbVault® requires truck delivery. Expect one driver to handle the delivery of your item. Driver is allowed to ask for your help/assistance to have the item removed from the truck. If you or your agent cannot help the driver, you will be asked to pay for either a second driver or a special lift truck.

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OUR SKU is Mail Theft Solutions CV05-B

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WL-CV05-BBM, CBV1000, 18622, 63607F, cvault, MTPCURBVAULT

Dimensions & Weight
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Curbvault High Security Mailbox - Black
51 in. x 12 in. x 14 in.
110.00 lbs
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Residential Mailbox
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Curbvault High Security Mailbox - Black
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