"Where are my keys?" is the most common question customers ask after receiving their CBUs. If you received your CBU only to discover that no separate packages containing keys were included with your shipment, don't worry! The keys are inside the CBU. The video below shows you how to locate them.

Video Transcription

When you receive your cluster mailbox, whether it's a 4C or 4C Pedestal, the keys are going to be locked inside. Here's how you access the keys:

Step 1: Open the Master Door

You'll do this by first reaching inside the outgoing tenant box labelled "US Mail." Open this tenant door using the small, round opening intended for the USPS Arrow Lock.

To retrieve your keys, pull up on the hinge located inside the outgoing tenant box you just opened. This will release the master door, allowing you to access all tenant boxes. On double column units like the one shown in the video above, you will open the right column door first followed by the left column door.

Step 2: Retrieve your keys from the Parcel Locker

Now that you have opened the master door, you will find the keys sealed in a plastic bag taped to the back of the parcel locker. If the unit you purchased has more than one parcel locker, please check all of them. The keys could also be in one of the smaller tenant boxes, so be sure to check the entire unit if your keys are not located in one of the parcel lockers.

Below, we've included a diagram of the pedestal cluster mailbox:

If you have any questions or are still unable to locate your CBU keys, please give us a call at (866) 707-0008.