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Mail Drop Receptacles

Made of sheet and extruded aluminum, Salsbury receptacles have a 12" W x 6" H rear opening which aligns with mail drops (#2255). Receptacles have heavy duty 1/4" thick aluminum doors and are accessed from the front. Custom engraving (#2266), plexiglass windows (#2273) and thumb latches (#2288) are available as options upon request. Custom engraving (specify regular or black filled) is available as an option upon request.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Does the mailbox receptacle come stock with lock and key or do I need to buy it for the receptacle?
Answer: The receptacle comes with a lock already installed and a set of 2 keys.

Question: In my neighborhood, everyone has a mailbox at the sidewalk. Is a container, in a brick column at the sidewalk okay with the post office?
Answer: Having a column mailbox in a column is acceptable. Just be sure that it is actually a column mailbox in the column.

Question: Is the bronze color still available in item #2256? We got the bronze mail drop and would like the receptacle in the same color if possible.
Answer: Yes, please click the link to view the Private Access Bronze Receptacle. Thank you.

Question: Is the receptacle suitable for direct weather?
Answer: No, unfortunately it is not.

Mail Drop Receptacles
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