The official Mail Slot Plug Installation Instructions can be found here. Download PDF for printable version.

"The Mailslot Plug Kit is available for purchase. Individual parts are listed below in the Contents of Kit table."

4C/CBU Mail Slot Plug Kit

Installation Instructions

Thank you for purchasing Florence Manufacturing's 4C/CBU Mail Slot Plug Kit. The following instructions will show you how to properly install the kit into your mailbox. This kit provides a method of restricting the delivery of mail to an outgoing mail compartment on any Florence 1565 or 1570 series cluster box units or 4C mailbox product. Temporary use of this product during construction may be used at the discretion of the installer. Any permanent restriction of outgoing mail slots may only be authorized by the US Postal Service. Please contact your local postmaster for authorization or questions regarding use of this product.

Contents of Kit (K64944)
Part Number Description Quantity
64382 Mail Slot Plug 1
64383 Mail Slot Plug Mounting Bracket 3
64705 Screw, #8-32 x 1/4" 3
Tools Needed:
  • T-15 Torx-head screwdriver (not included in kit)
Step 1
Refer to Figure 1 to familiarize yourself with the parts.
Step 2
Install mail slot plug into mail slot as shown in Figures 2, 3, and 4.
Step 3
Secure the mail slot plug using the mounting brackets and mounting screws as shown in Figures 5 and 6. Note: Do not over-tighten screws!