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Florence Mailboxes - USPS Commercial Mailboxes

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Auth-Florence Mailboxes

Florence Corp.

Since 1934, Florence Corporation has specialized in high quality mailboxes and accessories for centralized mail distribution and collection. For USPS and commercial use, Florence products are ideal for businesses, subdivisions, apartment complexes, building directories, storage systems, and more. Best of all, Florence provides a five (5) year Limited Product Warranty on its products purchased from an Authorized Dealer and a one (1) year Limited Warranty on all parts that cease to function due to normal usage. Environmentally conscious, Florence utilizes a recycling program for appropriate re-use of all aluminum, corrugate, powder paint, wood, and steel materials. Finally, all Florence products are made here in the U. S. A.

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Mailboxes by Florence Corporation

Florence is the leading manufacturer of USPS approved commercial mailboxes, and their manufacturing facility is located right here in the U.S. While Florence Manufacturing provides a wide selection of commercial mailbox products and accessories to meet the needs of various businesses and residential complexes, their USPS Approved outdoor and recessed cluster mailboxes are the USPS standard for new construction. Our top Florence product categories include:

USPS Approved Pedestal Cluster Mailboxes

The Florence Cluster Mailbox is available in six (6) different door configurations and each of these is available in one of the following four (4) architectural colors: Sandstone (the industry standard), Bronze, Black, and Postal Gray. Also, every Florence CBU is available in a decorative configuration for customers who want to add a touch of elegance to the standard units.

Aside from the decorative units, we also are one of a very few online distributors of Florence cluster mailboxes who offer the Vigilant High-Security CBUs -- specifically for customers who will be installing their mailboxes in areas where mail theft or vandalism is a concern. For larger buildings and complexes, the 16-Door Cluster Mailbox is probably the ideal choice as it provides the highest overall value in terms of price per door. If you need to purchase two or more of these units, we offer bulk discounts as well.

USPS Approved 4C Recessed Cluster Mailboxes

Recessed 4C cluster mailboxes are the same specifications as our outdoor USPS pedestal cluster mailboxes. So what's the difference? The recessed 4C horizontal mailboxes are designed to be installed in a wall indoors or in a postal kiosk (either indoors or outdoors). Also, 4C recessed mailboxes are available in rear loading configurations for buildings where the postal worker accesses the mail from a room behind the units. Like the outdoor pedestal Cluster Mailboxes, these units are USPS approved.

Note: we also offer a wide selection of Florence 4C pedestal mailboxes for private use. These units are not pre-approved by the USPS, so you will need to contact your local post office for approval prior to purchase and installation if you require one of these mailboxes for USPS use.

4B Horizontal Mailboxes (for Replacing Existing Units)

The 4B horizontal mailbox is labeled for replacement use because it meets the old USPS standard for centralized mail delivery. If yours is a building or complex that has pre-existing 4B units that need replacing, these will likely be the mailboxes to meet your unique specifications. Please contact your local post office for approval prior to purchasing and installing 4B Mailboxes.

Vertical Mailboxes (for Replacing Existing Units)

As with the 4B mailboxes described above, vertical mailboxes are considered a 4B classification and, as such, should only be purchased to replace pre-existing vertical mailboxes -- after you have contacted your local post office and gotten approval.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Are wall-mount trash bins available?
Answer: Yes, we do offer Wall Mount Trash Bins. Thank you.

Question: I found an auth-florence key in my car. I do not have one of your mailboxes. How can I identify who left it behind?
Answer: Typically, Florence boxes are used in buildings that have group boxes, aka, cluster boxes. The Florence mailbox keys don't have identification numbers that we can track. Perhaps you can consider the possible people who may have been in the vehicle and consider who lives or works in a building or community that have group mailboxes. Sorry not to have a definitive answer. I hope that helps.

Question: We have 4 Florence cluster mailboxes and we are in need of the bracket that holds the lock. I do not have a model; however, the boxes are around 50 years old. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Answer: Assuming these are recess mounted in a wall and not on a pedestal, they would be considered a 4B horizontal or the vertical box. There are few parts still available for these.

Question: How do I replace a lost key for your cluster mailboxes? I live in a condo you have serviced.
Answer: We do not service mailboxes. We only sell them. If you still have a key you can order blanks and have one copied. If you do not have a key you will need to buy a lock. Please call so we can let you know which ones you need.

Question: Can I buy a parcel door instead of the entire section? I can send you a spec sheet but I can't locate the model number. Thank you.
Answer: Sure, we have several parcel doors available. Please email the spec sheet to

Question: Do you have authorized contractors that repair your banks in Brooklyn NY?
Answer: We do not have any relationships with contractors.

Question: I need door replacements only.
Answer: Visit this Auth-Florence Parts page and scroll down to the middle of the page or use Ctrl+F on your keyboard and query the page for the word "Replacement Door". Thanks.

Question: Can Florence provide the paint specification for both the "grey" and "tan" units. I am attempting to repaint 15 units in our subdivision. The units are Cluster Front Loading. A serial number off 1 unit was f307152.
Answer: You will need to contact Florence Mailboxes for this information.

Question: We need labels for residents' names for condo mailboxes (16 total boxes). We would prefer a durable plastic material rather than paper. Please send us a link. Home Depot does not carry.
Answer: We do not sell the labels. You can contact the manufacturer directly for options.

Question: I have the combination type lock on my cluster mailbox. Do you still make these?
Answer: Yes, this is a requested option with an upcharge.

Question: I'm looking for pedestal mounted boxes
Answer: Please search "4c pedestal units" to find what you need.

Question: Having a problem opening the mini-storage cabinet/combination...need help
Answer: Please call for assistance.

Question: how do i get key code
Answer: We need to know what kind of mailbox you have to refer you to a key. Please call for assistance.

Question: I am looking for a surface mount key keeper box but don't find any online for USPS key access. Do you carry them?
Answer: Please click the link to view the Surface Mounted Key Keeper (prepared for the USPS lock).

Question: Are the pedestals designed to be "breakaway", and if so, do they break low to the ground so they will fall away from a driver? (We are working with NCDOT on regulations.)
Answer: All standard size CBU's are approved by the USPS standards and meet safety regulations. As far as how they fall we do not have that information.

Question: We have purchased your Florence cluster boxes in the past and would like to know if there is a maintenance guide for general upkeep and replacing parts. Do you have one available?
Answer: Yes, please view the cluster box maintenance guide here. You can also download a printable PDF version of the guide directly from that page. Let us know if you need anything else.

Florence Mailboxes - USPS Commercial Mailboxes
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