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  1. Whitehall Streetside Mailbox
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  2. Whitehall Balmoral Mailbox
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  3. Classic Mailbox Top
    As low as $519.00
  4. Hummingbird Curbside Mailbox
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  5. Hummingbird Curbside Mailbox in Natural
    was $500.00 Special Price $399.98 As low as $353.33
  6. Berkshire Curbside Mailbox
    was $236.00 Special Price $188.98 As low as $160.50
  7. Berkshire Curbside with Numbers on the Side
    was $329.00 Special Price $262.98 As low as $235.00
  8. Classic Curbside Mailbox
    was $197.00 Special Price $157.98 As low as $134.17
  9. Rear Access Curbside Mailbox with Two Doors
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Choosing the right Mailbox for your Home

Our residential mailboxes include a wide selection of Whitehall, Gaines, and Imperial products, along with Victorian style, cast aluminum, and multi-unit mailboxes. If you have any questions, a product expert would be happy to help you find the mailbox that's perfect for your needs: simply call us at (866) 707-0008. For your convenience, here is a list of residential mailbox subcategories and descriptions for each:

Mailbox and Post Packages

Within the mailbox and post package category, you will find a quality selection of mailboxes sold not only with posts, but with optional side address plaques, address toppers, newspaper holders, and various decorative accessories depending on the brand and your specific needs. Cast aluminum and wooden post mailboxes are for sale in a variety of configurations as well. If you have any questions about how to select a post and accessories as options for a mailbox package, or if you have other questions about a mailbox configuration, simply give us a call.

Mailbox Only (without Post)

The mailbox only category includes our selection of mailboxes sold without posts. These are ideal for customers who already have a post and are looking to replace or upgrade an existing mailbox outside their home. These mailboxes will vary in size and in price depending on the brand. Whitehall and Gaines are some of the most popular, along with Imperial and Salsbury Industries.

Wall Mailboxes

Can you guess where wall mailboxes go? If you guessed on a wall, you'd be right. If you are looking for a mailbox to mount to a wall outside of your home or office, then look no further than this category. Here, you will find a selection of both non-locking and locking (for customers needing more security) wall mailboxes from a variety of brands. Note: most wall mailboxes are only for incoming mail only. If you need an outgoing mail option for your wall mailbox, please check with our customer care team to make sure the mailbox is equipped with an outgoing mail flag.

Column Mailboxes

Column mailboxes (or column insert mailboxes) are made specifically for brick, stone, stucco (etc.) columns for residential curbside delivery. QualArc is our most popular brand in this category, as they offer the widest selection of column mailboxes and accessories.

Post Only (without Mailboxes)

What if you already have a mailbox and need to purchase or replace an existing post? Our post only category provides a selection of residential mailbox posts sold specifically for customers who need a new post. Here, you will find single-unit as well as multi-unit posts (for duplexes and apartments).

Residential Mailboxes FAQ

Where to buy residential mailboxes:

You can buy residential mailboxes and mailbox-post combos right here at Budget Mailboxes. We offer a wide selection of residential mailbox brands, including Whitehall, Gaines, Imperial, Salsbury Industries, QualArc, and more.

How to install a mailbox and mailbox post:

Installing a mailbox post depends on a few factors. Do you intend to install a 4x4 post into the ground using concrete (most common)? Or will you use the Mayne No-Dig Ground Anchor for a faster installation? Or will you install a surface mount post or pedestal directly into a concrete slab using anchor bolts?

For installing a residential post mailbox, we recommend this article, which lists the following steps: 

  1. Contact your local Post Office: The USPS can outline the proper mailbox placement rules and measurements. Request a mailbox mounting height and a mailbox distance from the road or curb. The typical post mount mailbox height usually is between 40 in. to 44 in. above the ground. The typical mailbox setback usually is between 6 in. to 8 in. from the curb.
  2. Before you dig, be sure to speak with your local utility locating service. The last thing you want to do is accidentally dig through your cable line.
  3. Wear protective clothing: be sure to wear proper protective eyewear and gloves during your mailbox installation. Secure the digging area, so no child or adult stumbles into an unprotected, open hole in the ground.
  4. Dig an 8 in. to 10 in. diameter hole for the mailbox-post installation.
  5. Refer to USPS Guidelines for more details.

How to install a mailbox on an existing metal post:

We recommend consulting a handyman or a local hardware store for installing a mailbox on an existing metal post. However, you may be able to install a mailbox on an existing metal post by following these steps:

  1. Position the mailbox over the pole. The closer it is to the center, the easier it will be for you to install it.
  2. Set any included mounting brackets where they need to go, according to the mailbox's instructions. For example, if the bracket meant to attach the mailbox to the pole needs to be directly below the bottom front edge, set it there.
  3. Drill the included screws through the bracket holes, the pole, and the mailbox to attach the two.
  4. Ideally, any mailbox you purchase should include instructions for mounting to an included metal post or an existing metal post.

How to install a mailbox on an existing post or wood post:

For installing a mailbox on an existing wooden post, we recommend this video tutorial. Things you will likely need:

  1. A 1x6 piece of wood cut to fit the bottom of your mailbox. Note: you should cut this piece of wood short enough so that the mailbox door still opens and closes.
  2. A power drill.
  3. Screws for mounting the mailbox to the 1x6 piece of wood and the wooden post.

How to install a mailbox post without concrete:

The easiest way to install a mailbox post without concrete is to purchase the Mayne No-Dig Ground Anchor for 4x4 mailbox posts. Here is a helpful video showing how the No-Dig Anchor works.

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: We have a cow mailbox and the door hinges have been broken. Do you sell just a plain white mailbox door.
Answer: All mailbox parts are specific to the manufacturing company. You would need to know who the box is made by to be certain that parts will match up.

Question: do you have a mailbox for a lawyer (the scales)? etc.
Answer: We carry a good many novelty mailboxes; however, we have not come across one designed with a lawyer in mind. But will keep our eyes open.

Question: Looking for an old rusty metal mailbox
Answer: We do not sell used mailboxes.  We carry a brass mailbox that has a worn patina finish.

Question: Do you ship your home mailboxes to Australia? I want a wall mailbox for my home, please let me know if you can ship a wall-mount mailbox to my home in Australia.
Answer: Yes, we do ship mailboxes to Australia via BongoUS.  Just add the wall mailbox you want to the checkout cart and select Australia from the country drop down and then select the Bongo Checkout button. Click here to view all of our wall mailboxes.

Question: I am looking for a black metal light and mailbox. The post should stand 65 inches from the ground.
Answer: The following are the only mailbox/light post packages that we offer:

-Ashland Post

-Imperial Lamp Post Mailboxes

-Beaumont Mailbox with Lantern

Question: Which items/products are made in the USA?
Answer: Streetscape Inc Mailboxes are 100% made in the USA. Gaines Mailboxes are made in San Diego, CA. The Imperial Mailboxes are assembled and painted in the USA; however, they aren't cast here.

Question: Is the Victorian mailbox available in black cast iron?
Answer: Most manufacturers are no longer working with cast iron. All of the ones we carry are cast aluminum.

Question: The door hinges have rusted off of my black, steel city mailbox. Do you carry replacement doors? It is a post-mount residential mailbox.
Answer: Most all of the parts that we sell are manufacturer specific. We are not a retailer of the Steel City Corp. mailbox.

Question: I need to find 100+ plain white midsize boxes.
Answer: Please see this: Midsize Plain White Mailbox (click to view)

Question: Do you carry quad mailboxes? I am looking for 4 in a row. I live in a property management residential area and I want something nice, not just the metal-looking ones.
Answer: We have quite a few Group and Multiple Unit Mailbox options available.

Question: I am looking for a door mailbox with inner and outer flaps
Answer: We are sorry to say that unfortunately we are not familiar with a box of this sorts.

Question: Do you have waterproof, lockable, wall-mount mailboxes with simple designs? Do they come with warranty? Thanks.
Answer: The Metropolis Locking Wall-Mount mailbox is available with added weather stripping to protect against any leakage.

Question: I need a mailbox door for a ll bean mailbox and the red flag.
Answer: Unfortunately, most mailbox parts are not universal and we are not familiar with this product to make a suggestion.

Question: I need a replacement door with a flange to fit a regular plain standard size mailbox. Do you have these in stock? If so, how much please?
Answer: The mailbox parts that we carry are specific to certain boxes and manufacturers. Very few parts are interchangeable. You will need to know who your box was made by.

Question: For KS-20A Mail Boxes and hang on addresses, how can I order one replacement and one for my neighbor?
Answer: You can check here KS-20A Mailbox (click to view) and the Adress Plate (this item was designed for use with Gaines' standard post).

Question: I am looking for a post-mounted mailbox with max. H = 11 1/4", and max. D = 17". Can you help?
Answer: The closest match that we are able to find at this time is the Traditional Curbside Mailbox 9" H x 18" D.

Question: I need a cross post bar for mailbox serial #196394 (it is tan and iron that is square looking. Thanks!
Answer: Can you send a picture to of what you're looking to replace?

Question: A plastic mailbox by arrow contico (mdl 78 i think), looking for a replacement flag.
Answer: This box is no longer in production and parts do not appear to be available.  You might try looking at the replacement flags that we carry and try to match one up as close as possible.

Question: I need a regular size mailbox, metal, black but I want it to hang from my wooden upside down L-post.
Answer: The Economy Elite Mailbox is an aluminum, black mailbox.  As with any mailbox, you will need to adapt it to your installation preference.

Question: Do you have a rural mailbox that tells you when the mail is delivered?
Answer: Unfortunately we do not.

Question: Do you have a mailbox that vandals can't demolish?
Answer: The Ultimate High-Security Locking Mailbox may be what you are looking for. It is specifically designed for theft deterrence and vandal resistance.

Question: Do you have a fire truck mailbox?
Answer: Please take a look at this Red Fire Engine Novelty Mailbox. Thank you. 

Question: Do you have just a plain wood residential mailbox?
Answer: Yes, we offer the Wooden Cedar Mailbox Post, which comes in either a primed white or natural cedar finish depending on your preference.

Question: We need a wall-mounted drop mailbox for residence exterior 7 1/2"x2 1/2 opening interior 7 1/2 x 4 1/2" drop shoot 18". Can we get such a product?
Answer: We do not carry a drop box that small.

Question: do you ship to canada
Answer: Some manufacturers do others don't. It depends on what you want to order.

Question: My current mailbox has a post in five gallon bucket filled with dirt and is not stuck in the ground (rural area). Is there a freestanding weighted post?
Answer: We do not sell a weighted post. There is either in ground or surface mounted.

Question: thank you for your response to my inquiry regarding a mail post that can be mounted into a concrete slab. I checked out the company you suggested and their prices are quite high. My question is simply do you supply a mailbox that can be mounted into a concrete slab? I am looking in the price range of around 250.00 I thank you and I patiently await your response. Peace enjoy the now.
Answer: Many of our mailboxes can be mounted on concrete. You just need to buy a surface mount post or pedestal.

Question: Salsbury heavy-duty rural mailbox green wl-4850GRNBM comes in what color green? Is it forest green or Kelly green
Answer: The manufacturer just specifies "green". There is no type. It's the green pictured on the page.

Question: Are your mailbox made of PVC?
Answer: No, they are not.

Question: My mailbox recently got hit by the mailman's car and it tweaked the front door. I was wondering if you sell the spring-loaded hinge on model 1008 2004 / Sticker 11CK30?
Answer: Please call for assistance with finding the right part.

Question: Mailbox is installed in concrete. I have the SBOLT KIT to have it repaired and cannot find someone to repair it. Do you have someone you can recommend?
Answer: We do not work with any vendors for installation or repair needs.

Question: I am looking for a horizontal letter locker wall mount mailbox; is it available?
Answer: Please click the link to view Horizontal Wall Mount Letter Locker.

Question: Can I buy just the mailbox door? How do I know it will fit?
Answer: You would need to contact the manufacturer directly for parts as we are just Authorized Dealers and many parts have not been made available to us.

Question: Do you have any other choices? I need a mailbox with the horse and carriage on the side and the numbers posted above on plaque.
Answer: Here is the SKU# for what you're looking for. Just type it into the keyword search. WL-PM-501-DBZBM

Question: How do I order a new key lock for a Epoch 7105 mail boss?
Answer: You will have to contact Mailboss directly to request that part.

Question: I need a 3-apartment mailbox; exterior flush to wall that will not rust; and no wider than 20". Do you have this?
Answer: We do not have a unit that fits these requirements. Please call us for further assistance.

Question: I need a bracket to hold my 4850 blk mailbox with newspaper holder to the post and a price?
Answer: Please call for assistance.

Question: We are looking for boxes for the lobby of our apartment building into which the mailman can put packages, lock and then drop the key in the owner's mailbox.
Answer: Please call us so we may determine what parcel boxes you need.

Question: I am looking fo a victorian pedestal mailbox with a rear-locking door.
Answer: Here is the SKU -WL-VM-200-DBZBM.

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