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USPS Approved Mailboxes - Commercial & Residential

USPS Approved Cluster Box Units for Centralized Mail Delivery
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USPS Approved Mail Boss Locking Mailboxes
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USPS Approved Mail Drops & Receptacles
Mail Drops
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Mail Drop Receptacles
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Jayco Mailboxes Drop Boxes
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What is a USPS Approved Mailbox?

A USPS Approved mailbox refers to any commercial or residential mailbox that is pre-approved by the Post Office prior to proper installation. An approved Cluster or 4C Horizontal unit will be prepped for the U.S. Postal Carrier to install their arrow lock for the master door (this allows the postal carrier to deliver mail to all individual units within the mailbox cluster).

In addition to these types of units, the DVault brand curbside locking mailboxes are also Approved for curbside mail delivery. These boxes can be used either for residential or commercial applications. Likewise, Mail Boss products are approved for commercial or residential delivery. Mail Drops are also approved provided they are installed in a location the mailman can easily access. If you have any questions about whether a mailbox will meet postal requirements, we recommend you discuss the installation with your local post office prior to purchase.

USPS Cluster Box Units

Cluster Box Units are perhaps the most popular products for customers looking for an outdoor, centralized delivery application. They are ideal for office and apartment complexes, but can be used in residential subdivisions as well. The most popular color choices for the CBU are shown below in Sandstone, Bronze, Gray, and Black.

Cluster Mailboxes Sandstone USPS Cluster Mailboxes Bronze USPS Cluster Mailboxes Gray USPS Cluster Mailboxes Black

4C Horizontal (for Indoor or Kiosk Installation)

Like the Cluster Box Unit, the 4C Horizontal unit is an ideal application for centralized mail delivery. Where the 4C differs from the cluster box is that, whereas the CBU is for outdoor mail delivery, the 4C is typically used for indoor applications. That being said, the 4C Mailbox can be installed in an outdoor kiosk like the ones listed on this Vario Depot page.

Front Loading 4C Horizontal Mailbox 20 Doors and 2 Parcel Lockers - Aluminum Rear Loading 4C Mailbox Maximum Door Height Front Loading 4C Mailbox Maximum Height Sandstone Rear Loading 4C Mailbox Maximum Door Height Gold

DVault Curbside

If you are looking for a more secure option, DVault locking curbside mailboxes are ideal for either commercial (office, business, industrial) use or residential mail delivery. DVault boxes are known for their anti-theft features, such as the Anti-Pry Posi-Lock access doors and hopper teeth to keep mail thieves from accessing the inside of the box. We offer DVault in post-mount and column mount options for curbside mail delivery.

DVault Black Junior Curbside Mailbox DVault Copper Junior Curbside Mailbox DVault Sand Junior Curbside Mailbox DVault White Junior Curbside Mailbox

Mail Boss Locking

Like the Dvault products above, the Mail Boss Locking mailbox is known for its high-security features like anti-pry mechanisms and its commercial grade anti-pick lock system. Made of 14-gauge and 16-gauge welded electro-galvanized steel, these boxes are nearly indestructible (check out this Video for proof). And if you need more than one, we offer Mail Boss packages in two, three, and four unit clusters.

Mail Boss Locking Mailbox Mail Boss Mailbox with Post Mail Boss Double Mailbox Mail Boss Triple Mailbox

Mail Drops & Receptacles

Properly installed according to postal specifications, Mail Drops & Receptacles can be used for mail delivery but are also appropriate for private use applications. If you have any questions about installing a mail drop for U.S. Postal Service mail delivery, simply give us a call at (866) 707-0008 or reach out to your local post office with details regarding the specific mail drop you are considering for purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where would I find mailboxes with color options?
Answer: Many of our items have color options available on the product page. Call to discuss which mailbox you need.

Question: I need a commercial style box that can be wall mounted, front loading with at least 18 slots plus an outgoing mail slot. Do you have something that would work? I do not want to recess it into the wall.
Answer: Yes, you can find the 18-door commercial wall mount unit by clicking the link. The optional surface mounting collar is available in the options section below the price. We also have other configurations available as well.

Question: Do you have a selection of plastic mailboxes?
Answer: Yes, please click the link to view our full selection of Plastic Mailboxes. Thank you.

Question: What height should you have your rural mailbox?
Answer: Generally, the boxes should be installed with the bottom of the box at a vertical height of between 41 and 45 inches from the road surface. Click the link to view the US Postal Service's policy.

Question: May I get a price on a 16-box cluster.
Answer: Please see the product page: 16-Door Cluster Box Unit

Question: Is there a height regulation on post mounting a rural mailbox?
Answer: Yes. Generally, mailboxes should be installed with the bottom of the box at a vertical height of between 3-1/2 and 4 feet from the road surface, 6" - 8" from the front face of the curb to the mailbox door.

Question: Need a USPS-approved mailbox. 3 section vertical cluster mailbox with a cutout to install three push button switches for doorbells.
Answer: Please see 3-Door Vertical Mailbox.

Question: Do you have single, double, triple or quadruple letter size boxes that can either be recessed or wall mounted for an office building lobby?
Answer: I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for but maybe you can find it in our most recent commercial catalog.

Question: I need 10 vertical commercial USPS-approved mailboxes; however, I need a protector or cover to go over it. We have someone breaking into the box with a screwdriver and now the two 5-door vertical boxes don't close. Vandalism is also a problem. Can you help?
Answer: Back in 2004, a security measure was added to the Vertical Apartment Mailboxes for this very reason but since then, the 4C mailboxes were designed for greater security measures. Unfortunately, there is no other measure offered for the Verticals except the upgrade from 2004.

Question: I need high-security USPS-approved outgoing mailboxes.
Answer: These High-Security Mailboxes are USPS Approved and have an outgoing slot for mail.

Question: Are vertical mailboxes still allowable?
Answer: Yes, in some cases, the Vertical Mailboxes are allowed. You would need to contact your local postmaster for approval in your area, however. Thank you!

USPS Approved Mailboxes - Commercial & Residential
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