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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I just received my order and I 'thought' I had ordered the whole door for my mailbox, but guess it was just the panel ($37.99). I need the "WHOLE" door. Can that be ordered? The screws that hold the door broke, the door fell to the cement and the part that holds the screws broke off the door. Can the whole door be purchased?
Answer: Unfortunately, Whitehall Products does not offer replacement parts for their mailboxes.

Question: I have a Whitehall mailbox. The stick on numbers were destroyed in a hail storm. Do you sell the stick on numbers?
Answer: Yes, we do. Please click on the link to view the Whitehall Address Numbers.

Question: Are free standing mailboxes available?
Answer: Yes, please click the link to view our freestanding mailboxes. Thank you.

Question: The screw that holds the door on my model #16018 mailbox broke on the left side. I thought this mailbox had a lifetime warranty. What will I need to correct this? It was purchased June 2007.
Answer: You will want to contact Whitehall directly.

Whitehall Contact Information
Hours operation are Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm EST.
Service 800-728-2164
Sales 800-728-5449
Fax 231-894-6235
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Question: I need a replacement bracket. How are right and left brackets labeled? (looking at the door opening or the side of the post)
Answer: Actually the right and left are distinguished as if you were standing behind the mailbox looking towards the street.

Question: We have a streetside mailbox. It is the same standard one in our homeowners association. One of the pins fell out which holds the door (lid) closed. Can I buy replacement pins and get instructions on how to install? The box and post are still in very good shape. Please advise.
Answer: We do not sell this part. You can contact the manufacturer directly for assistance.

Whitehall Mailbox Plaques & Accessories
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