High-Security Pedestal Cluster Mailboxes

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Looking for High-Security Cluster Mailboxes?

As of February 15, 2016, the Florence Mailboxes 1565 HS-CBU was discontinued and replaced with the standard USPS Approved Cluster Box Unit, which already meets USPS standards for mail security.

We still maintain the original product listings for the 1565 HS-CBUs in case customers need specification details. But since the units are no longer available from Florence Manufacturing, we offer the following alternative: Cluster Mailboxes with an option for vandal-proof nuts.

Need more info? See our FAQ section below.

Security with Style

At the top of this page, you may have noticed "Centralized Delivery Systems" listed as one of the high-security categories we showcase. Because these are 4C Horizontal mailboxes mounted in stationary kiosks, they are one of the most secure centralized mail solutions available today. In fact, they are arguably more secure than pedestal mailboxes. Stylish and within similar price-points as traditional CBU mailboxes, we highly recommend the Centralized Delivery System for your next project, especially if architecture and design are important features of your development.

FAQs for High-Security CBU Mailboxes

What are vandal-proof nuts? 
These are high-security nuts that you install on the CBU anchor bolts. Installing these simple accessories can prevent would-be thieves from sliding the entire CBU mailbox off the concrete anchors and hauling it away to be dismantled at their leisure.

How do I add vandal-proof nuts to my CBU purchase? 
On every CBU mailbox product page, we offer an option for anchor bolts with vandal-proof nuts included. Select this option with your CBU and complete your purchase. That’s it. Note: you may receive these installation accessories in a separate shipment before your CBU arrives.

Refer to the USPS Postal Bulletin and to the Florence Mailboxes list of discontinued CBUs for more details.

Do centralized delivery kiosks meet USPS security standards? 
Yes, all 2B Global Concise Mailbox Kiosks meet USPS security standards and, in some capacities, exceed those standards. Like the CBU Mailbox, these units are also USPS approved.

HS-CBU Comparison Table

The below chart shows the discontinued 1565 model and the current, 1570 CBU to which it corresponds:

If you have any questions about USPS security standards for Cluster Box Units, give us a call at (866) 707-0008.

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