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Brand Overview

Since 1991, Gaines Mailboxes has been an icon of quality and craftsmanship. Founder Ted Gaines has led the company into becoming an "American Tradition" by maintaining high manufacturing standards. For this reason, Gaines mailboxes and address plaques have been the products of choice for millions of American homes for over two decades. If you're looking for beautifully designed and expertly built mailboxes, visit to see the huge selection of Gaines mailboxes: from the classic mailbox collection line to the Keystone mailbox series or to the unique Housemark address plaques, we are sure to have a Gaines product that fits your specific residential or commercial needs.

Gaines Manufacturing - Mailboxes & Address Plaques
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Gaines Manufacturing - Mailboxes and Address Plaques

When it comes to elegance and quality, Gaines Manufacturing raises the standard -- and few brands can compete. For example, the Signature Series post mount mailboxes are some of the finest in production. Likewise, the wall mailboxes and address plaques are equally well-crafted. Below, you'll find an overview of each unique product category Gaines has to offer:

Gaines Post Mount Mailboxes

Among the post mount mailbox selection, the Original and Signature Keystone series are the two most popular choices. The Original Keystone features a sleek "US Mail" emblem on the mailbox door while the Signature Keystone Mailbox shows the same phrase in elegant script. You can customize these mailboxes with either the standard or deluxe post along with locking inserts, newspaper holders, and decorative post cuffs.

Gaines Wall Mount Mailboxes

Gaines wall mailboxes are featured in two (2) distinct designs and each is offered in twelve (12) different color variations. The two designs we currently offer are the Eagle Emblem and the Leaf Emblem mailboxes. Made of cast aluminum, these mailboxes are 100% rust-resistant. At over 14 inches in width, they also can hold a variety of mail. If you need more security, locking inserts can be purchased as accessories.

Locking Column Insert Mailboxes

Like the wall mailboxes, the Gaines column mailboxes are made of cast aluminum and are 100% rust-resistant. As with all Gaines products, these mailboxes feature a UV-resistant powder coat finish, so you don't have to worry about the mailbox losing its color over time. But unlike the wall mailboxes, you won't need to purchase a locking insert for these mailboxes since they already come with locking doors for secure mail storage and retrieval. The locks are made of stainless steel.

Multi-Unit Post Systems

The Gaines multi-unit post systems provide exactly what the name suggests: multiple post mount mailboxes combined for duplexes, apartments, or small office complexes. We offer a double mailbox package all the way up to a pentad mailbox package (up to five mailboxes between two posts). If you are interested in making a bulk purchase, we recommend filling out our quick and easy Bulk Quote form here.

Gaines Address Plaques

When people think of Gaines address plaques, they usually think of the Housemark series. Known as "roundtangle" plaques, these decorative wall / lawn plaques combine the best of oval and rectangular designs. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, you shouldn't have any problems finding the right Gaines plaque to fit your style. If the Housemark series doesn't quite fit your tastes, not to worry -- we offer a wide selection of oval plaques by Gaines as well. To display these plaques from your lawn, you'll need to purchase the lawn postsas accessories.

Customer Questions & Answers

Question:Are garden accessories also available in your store?

Answer: Yes, we do offer garden accessories. Thank you.

Question: Do you have any wall-mount black mailboxes with a brass pineapple on the front instead of the leaf or eagle?

Answer: No, unfortunately these two designs are the only ones currently being offered.

Question: I understand that Gaines mailboxes are manufactured totally in USA and that there's no duty to Canada. Do you ship to Canada? What's the cost of shipping.

Answer: Hi Claude, shipping cost vary per product. All shipping and duties are calculated in checkout. For international shipping, we use a company called Bongo. Simply go to checkout with the Gaines mailbox you wish to buy and select "Canada" from the country list. Then proceed to checkout via Bongo. There, you should be able to view your total cost, shipping and duties included.

Question:My door broke on my 125569 box. Can I just purchase the door?

Answer: We do not sell doors for Gaines. You will need to contact them directly.

Question: Do you sell just the arm off the mailbox? That is what we need to replace (along with the box).

Answer: We no longer carry the cross bar or curve bracket; however, we do sell the mailboxes by itself.

Question: We have a keystone series mailbox and a vandal broke the spring that opens and closes the door. Do you sell replacement part??

Answer: We do sell replacement part (click to view). Thank you.

Question:Do you have a red replacement flag for the Keystone Series mailboxes?

Answer: You will need to contact the manufacturer directly for replacement flags.

Question: Do you sell unfinished Gaines mailboxes?

Answer:No, unfortunately we do not.

Question:Are you still making satin brass numbers for houses, each number measured 3.5"x2" w/hand finish satin? The store in my area is missing a few numbers.

Answer: You may be interested in this Satin Brass DeSign-it 4" Number "0-9". You can choose which numbers you require in addition to quantity. Feel free to contact us directly if you need further assistance. Thank you.

Question:Do you make an extra large mailbox in black?

Answer:Gaines does not make an Extra Large Mailbox. Their standard mailboxes are pretty large in size; however, at 12 1/4 in. H x 10 3/8 in. W x 20 1/8 in. D.

Question:How do I purchase keystone series black with polished brass on the cover for the mailbox. Please send price and details.

Answer:Please call for assistance.

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