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USPS Approved Multi-Tenant Mailboxes & Private Delivery

Are you shopping for a commercial mailbox? We're glad you're here! Choose from dozens of commercial mailbox categories and configurations below.

Cluster Mailboxes

Shop USPS Approved Cluster Mailboxes backed by our price-match guarantee.*Pedestals are always included.


4C Horizontal Mailboxes

Shop 4C Horizontal Mailboxes for recessed indoor mail delivery by the USPS. Contact your local post office to confirm USPS approval.


4B Horizontal Mailboxes

Shop 4B Horizontal Mailboxes for replacement of existing units. Contact your local post office to confirm USPS approval.


Vertical Mailboxes

Shop vertical apartment mailboxes available in 3-tenant and up to 7-tenant door configurations. Recessed mount and surface mount options are available.


Drop Boxes & Collection Boxes

Keep packages and letters safe in pedestal mounted, wall-mounted, or recessed mounted locking commercial drop boxes and letter lockers.


Private Delivery Commercial Mailboxes

Shop our private delivery commercial mailboxes for centralized mail distribution. Note that you can modify some USPS delivery mailboxes for private distribution applications.


Outdoor Commercial Mailboxes

Shop our selection of outdoor commercial mailbox applications, including pedestal mounted, USPS approved cluster mailboxes.


Indoor Commercial Mailboxes

Shop the largest online selection of recessed, wall-mounted indoor horizontal and commercial-grade vertical mailboxes for multi-unit residences and business complexes.


USPS Approved Mailboxes

Shop all USPS approved mailboxes. While these commercial mailboxes comply with USPS standards, we encourage customers to check with their local post office for USPS requirements in their area before purchase and installation.


Choosing the right Commercial Mailbox

We sell commercial mailboxes designed for a variety of applications, including schools, hospital facilities, nursing homes, hotels, residential developments, apartment complexes, and more. The Cluster Box Unit (CBU) "takes the cake" as our most popular mailbox designed for centralized outdoor mail delivery for multiple tenants. Below you'll find a detailed overview of our top commercial categories:

Cluster Mailboxes (a.k.a. CBUs or Pedestal Mailboxes)

Auth Florence and Salsbury Industries, the two leading commercial brands in the U.S., make USPS approved CBUs in 8-Door, 12-Door, 13-Door, and 16-Door configurations and in four architectural colors (you can also purchase Salsbury CBUs in Green and White, in addition to the four traditional colors). All units include a matching pedestal for installation.

Commercial Cluster Mailboxes Sandstone
Commercial Cluster Mailboxes Dark Bronze
Commercial Cluster Mailboxes Black
Commercial Cluster Mailboxes Black

Related Commercial Mailbox Categories

Community Mailboxes

Apartment Mailboxes

Commercial Vertical Mailboxes

Vertical Mailboxes are part of the USPS 4B specification. In layman's terms, this means that customers typically only purchase them to replace existing units. You can purchase the vertical as either a surface mounted (on the wall) or recessed mounted unit (in the wall). They come in 3-Door, 4-Door, 5-Door, 6-Door, and 7-Door configurations. Like CBUs, the two mailbox brands we carry in this category are Auth Florence and Salsbury. Both are quality mailbox brands, so the selection is usually a matter of price and preference. You can also purchase private delivery units (for in-house mail distribution) if you do not need the USPS to deliver.

3 Door Vertical Mailbox Gray - Surface Mount
3 Door Vertical Mailbox Gold - Recessed Mount
3 Door Vertical Mailbox Bronze - Surface Mount
3 Door Vertical Mailbox Sandstone - Recessed Mount

4C Horizontal Commercial Mailboxes

The 4C Horizontal is the industry standard for recessed mounted centralized delivery. Unlike the CBU, the 4C unit is usually recessed in a wall, indoors or outdoors, or in a kiosk (typically outdoors). However, you can purchase the 4C with a surface mount collar or free-standing kiosk if you do not intend to install the units into a wall. These can be purchased with or without parcel lockers for package delivery and can be selected for either USPS or private delivery. Available in a variety of door configurations and architectural colors, the 4C mailbox is an ideal solution for apartment complexes and commercial buildings.

Front Loading 4C Horizontal Mailbox 20 Doors and 2 Parcel Lockers - Aluminum
Rear Loading 4C Mailbox Maximum Door Height
Front Loading 4C Mailbox Maximum Height Sandstone
Rear Loading 4C Mailbox Maximum Door Height Gold

4B Horizontal Commercial Mailboxes

The predecessor of the 4C unit, customers typically purchase 4B mailboxes to replace existing 4B applications. Prior to purchasing new 4Bs to replace older units, we recommend you contact your local post office for approval. Since the post office will need to approve the application before it's installed, this extra precaution can save time and money. Typically, 4Cs will need to replace 4Bs when the wall opening (for housing the recessed units) is modified. For new construction, customers should purchase 4C mailboxes or Cluster Box Units to meet US Postal specifications.

Commercial Specialty Mailboxes

Sometimes customers require more specialized mail delivery products. Our selection of specialty mailboxes includes Salsbury Courier Boxes, Letter Drops, Door and Wall Mail Slots, as well as a variety of centralized mail units for private use (universities, etc.). If you cannot find the mailbox you are looking for, or if you would like more information regarding one of these products, please give us a call at (866) 707-0008 or open up our chat window (bottom left of the site) to speak with one of our customer care reps.

USPS Commercial Mailboxes or Private Delivery?

USPS Approved Mailboxes


Private Delivery

Here are the key differences between a USPS approved and a private delivery mailbox:

A USPS approved mailbox meets USPS regulations for height, width, installation location, ADA accessibility compliance, and compartment size. Luckily for you, we already designate the mailboxes that meet these criteria, so all you really need to know are:

  • The number of tenants that will need access to the mailbox
  • The type of installation: whether the units will be recessed into an existing wall, mounted to an existing wall via surface mounted enclosures, or free standing in a kiosk

A mailbox for private delivery doesn't have to meet any of the USPS regulations since it will be serviced by an in-house mail department. This is most common with universities, dorms, or organizations that distribute mail in-house. If you purchase a mailbox for private use, the appropriate lock will be installed and keys will be included with the unit.

View our selection of USPS Approved Commercial Mailboxes.
View our selection of Private Delivery Commercial Mailboxes.

School & University Mailboxes

University Mailboxes

Any mailbox in our commercial category can be used at a school or university. Whether you need a pedestal cluster box, a 4C horizontal, a 4B horizontal, or a vertical unit depends on the following criteria:

  1. Do you need to purchase mailboxes for a new building or a new development, and will the USPS deliver to these mailboxes? If the answer is yes, then you need either a cluster or a 4C horizontal mailbox.
  2. Do you need to replace existing 4B vertical or horizontal mailboxes serviced by the USPS? If the answer is yes, you can purchase either the 4B vertical or horizontal for replacement purposes. However, we strongly recommend that you contact your local post office prior to purchasing one of these units to ensure that the USPS will deliver.
  3. Does your school, college, or university have in-house mail personnel that require their own keys to access your mailboxes? If yes, then you can purchase any of the above mailboxes as Private Delivery models.

Still not sure which product you need? Let us help! Call us at (866) 707-0008 or open a chat with one of our customer care reps and let us walk you through the process.

Commercial Mailboxes FAQ

Where to buy commercial mailboxes

Also: Who sells commercial mailboxes? Where to buy commercial mailboxes near me?

You can purchase commercial mailboxes from Budget Mailboxes, of course! We offer USPS approved pedestal mount cluster mailboxes by the top two manufacturers in the U.S. While you may wish to work with commercial mailbox dealers in your area, Budget Mailboxes can provide you with expert service and competitive quotes. We ask that you consider us for your next mailbox project.

How to install commercial mailboxes

If you are installing cluster mailboxes for the first time, we recommend the following pages and articles:

  1. First, open this installation article
  2. Also, you may want to pull up this copy of the manufacturer's installation manual.
  3. And we recommend opening this specification doc for the concrete pad.

If you are installing recessed 4C horizontal mailboxes, you can read the manufacturer's installation manual here. You may also want to glance at this comprehensive overview of 4C mailboxes.

We strongly advise following the installation requirements provided in the manufacturer's installation manual for your product.

What to cover commercial mailboxes with to guard against rain

Cluster mailboxes are fitted with a sloping hood to facilitate rain run-off. As for 4C, 4B, and vertical mailboxes, the manufacturers advise installing under an awning, within a protected mail kiosk, or inside a building, usually a lobby.

Commercial mailboxes for USPS delivery: How to obtain a key

Our manufacturers ship all commercial mailboxes from the factory floor with three (3) keys per tenant door, which you will find taped to the inside of the mailbox unit. To open the unit and find your keys, see this article.

As for the arrow lock that opens the mailbox master door, your local postal worker will come out to the mailbox and install their proprietary arrow lock.

If you ordered a mailbox from us and it is missing keys, please call us right away.

For replacing keys that are lost or stolen, please view this article.

How to order commercial mailboxes

Ordering commercial mailboxes online is secure and straightforward. We accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover)
  • PayPal Express Checkout (pay with your PayPal Account or use your credit or debit card in PayPal's secure checkout window)
  • Check or Money Order by Mail (our mailing address is in the checkout)

If you purchase commercial mailboxes through our online checkout, your transaction is secure; even if you opt to save your address for a future purchase, we never store your payment information.

If you prefer to mail a check, we accept that form of payment as well. You can also request a formal and competitive quote tailored to your mailbox project.

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: I need a 4-door pedestal mailbox. Do you have them in stock?
Answer: Yes, we have 4 Door Pedestal Mailboxes as well as a 4 Door Pedestal Mount Horizontal Mailbox for private delivery.

Question: I need a pedestal unit for 3 tenants.
Answer: We do carry a 3-tenant pedestal unit. Please view our 4C Pedestal Mounted Mailbox with 3 doors for more details. Thank you.

Question: Do you have any cluster box accessories?
Answer: Yes, please view our Cluster Box Accessories for more details. Thank you.

Question: Can you quote a mailbox for a six-unit condo? We need six 4c horizontal boxes with one outgoing, including key and slot. Please include metal covering, black powder coat, and wall mounted.
Answer: The cost of the 4C mailbox would be $1,082.59 with free shipping. This includes the surface mount collar for wall mounting the 6 Tenant Mailboxes.

Question: I need a 4-unit exterior wall-mounted cluster box with a parcel locker.
Answer: Either the double column 4-Door 4C or the single column 4-Door 4C could be what you need. These units can be purchased with surface mount collars and meet all current USPS regulations.

Question: I need a two-unit pedestal mailbox that is USPS approved with two separate key-ways. Do you have them?
Answer: The 2 Door 4C Pedestal Mailbox mount is currently the only thing on the market of this size. Also, it does require local approval with the USPS. If you need a pre-approved USPS mailbox, the 4-Door CBU may be suitable.

Question: I need a two-business mailbox that wall mounts for as cheap as possible. Do you have something like this?
Answer: The smallest wall mount unit available is the 3-Door Vertical Mailbox. However, the third door can be used as an outgoing mail slot.

Question: I am looking for apartment mailboxes with 4 units.
Answer: The 4-Compartment Vertical Apartment Style Mailboxes can be recessed, semi-recessed, or surface mounted. Or if you need something for a new development, the 4-Door CBU is pre-approved for USPS delivery.

Question: I am looking for a 9-door mailbox for a 4-plex. It must be front loading for USPS.
Answer: Please view this 9-Door, front loading, USPS-approved mailbox. It is a double-column unit with one outgoing mail slot and a large parcel locker.

Question: Which USPS mailboxes are the tallest for rear loading? Either 20 or 40 doors?
Answer: The tallest USPS approved, rear loading mailbox is going to be anything in the Maximum Height Rear Loading 4C category.

Question: How high and how low can the mailslots be installed to meet USPS regulations?
Answer: The bottom of the slot must be at least 30 in. above floor. See our 4C Mailbox Overview page for more information.

Question: I need a "Snow Bird" mailbox deep enough to hold mail for 4 months and lockable from the back.
Answer: The Geneva Locking Mailbox may be exactly what you need. It can be purchased with a post as well.

Question: Do you have replacement parts for cluster boxes, I can't seem to get a direct search result.
Answer: Yes we do sell cluster box parts. What specific part are you looking for?

Question: I need a pedestal box for 5 units. What is the cost?
Answer: We offer the 5-Door Front Loading 4C Pedestal from Auth-Florence. Pricing is on the product page. Note: these units require USPS Approval. However, the 8-Door Cluster Mailbox is already USPS approved. Pricing for this mailbox is also on the product page.

Question: I have an existing brick mailbox. Do you make a locking cover that will bolt to the brick to cover the front?
Answer: I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for. Please call (866) 707-0008 for assistance. If the product is on in our catalog, we can help you find it.

Question: I am looking for lockable horizontal units capable of holding a fair quantity of mail. I need 2 boxes in one stucco unit.
Answer: How many tenant doors do you need? We have stucco mail centers that might work.

Question: Is there an installation kit for a cluster box with 8 units?
Answer: Installation hardware is included with a CBU, but there is no installation kit sold separately. What parts are you looking for?

Question: We need a 40 door pedestal unit. Can you give us a price?
Answer: There is no 40-door CBU. But you can purchase two 20-door pedestal mailboxes. Note: if you intend to use these for USPS delivery, then you will need to contact your local post office to get pre-approval before purchasing. Price is located on the product page.

Question: I need a replacement steel post for a cluster box. The original post is 4 in. x 6 in. x 31 in. Do you have this in stock?
Answer: We will need to know what CBU model you have to get you the proper pedestal. Please call (866) 707-0008.

Question: Who manufactures your cluster units?
Answer: We sell cluster box units made by Auth-Florence and Salsbury Industries.

Question: I am looking for a one-door mailbox for a commercial building. I have a picture of the old one. Could you please send me an email and I will forward you the picture?
Answer: Please email your request to

Question: Do you have 8-door roadside locking boxes?
Answer: Yes. Please see our 8-Door Standard CBU Mailboxes. Thank you.

Question: I need a 12-bay mailbox with a pedestal included.
Answer: We have those. Please view our 12-Door CBUs. All of our CBUs come with pedestals.

Question: I only need a 2-unit pedestal or wall-mount box.
Answer: Okay, in that case I recommend either the 2-Door 4C Pedestal or the 2-Door Wall Mount 4C mailbox.

Question: We are interested in putting a 25-package locker in our building. Can someone come and give us information about pricing and installation?
Answer: Unfortunately, we do not have any field service technicians and we do not quote installations at this time.

Question: I need a 4-door model that has an area below or above for bulk mailers.
Answer: Please see this 4-door mailbox or call us at (866) 707-0008 for assistance.

Question: I need a recessed wall mount with four doors and a bin for mailers.
Answer: Please take a look at this 4 Door Recessed 4C Mailbox. It has four tenant doors, a parcel locker for receiving large packages, and an outgoing mail slot.

Question: The owner of our complex is specing the following:
  • Model 3308, Type1: 8 compartments with 1 outgoing mail receptacle and 2 parcel lockers
  • Model 3312, Type II: 12 compartments with 1 outgoing mail receptacle and 1 parcel locker.
Are these available? We have 20 total units. Is there anything else available for this many units? They will be mounted outdoors.
Answer: The above configuration of one 12-door and one 8-door CBU should be best suited for 20 tenants. But you can also check out these other commercial mailbox options.

Question: I need a cover plate for an outgoing mailbox.
Answer: We do not sell that part. Please contact your product manufacturer and see if their warranty covers replacement parts.

Question: What is the ratio of parcel boxes to mailboxes?
Answer: The USPS recommends that you have 1 parcel box for every 10 tenants. Thank you.

Question: Do you have a 20-door, 2PL outdoor unit for USPS delivery?
Answer: For USPS delivery, you will likely need to go with one 12-door CBU and one 8-door CBU, as these are pre-approved for USPS delivery. The 20-door 4C Pedestal mailbox is also an option, but you will need to check with your local post office for approval before purchasing.

Question: Do you sell the Medeco locks for the commercial boxes?
Answer: Yes, we do sell Medeco Locks. They are not for a particular commercial mailbox. The SKU is LOCK-MEDECO.

Community & Apartment Mailboxes

Commercial Mailbox Accessories

Commercial Mailboxes for Postal or Private Use

Key Keepers for Commercial Mailboxes

Florence Key Keepers allow postal employees the ability to enter automatically locking entry doors to distribute mail in accordance with USPS regulations. The standard KK model is manufactured to accept a postal lock installed by local Postal Offiials and usually accompanies rear-load 4C mailboxes.

key keeper for vertical mailbox

Standard Features

  • Recessed- or surface-mounted
  • Prepared for USPS installed master lock
  • Anodized aluminum or powder coat fiish (see pg 62)
  • Extruded aluminum construction
  • Exterior dims: 6-3/4" H x 6-1/4" W x 2-3/8" D
  • Interior dims: 4-5/8" H x 4-1/16" W x 2" D
  • Rough opening: 5-1/8" H x 4-3/8" W x 2-1/4" D

Optional Features

  • Private master lock
  • Retractable reel




Directories for Mailbox Centers

Please note: This product is now discontinued by the manufacturer. When they were available, these surface mounted directories could be used independently or installed next to any mailbox installation to neatly and alphabetically list the names of all your residents. A clear plastic window, metal back plate and blank ruled name cards are all included with each directory.

Standard Features

  • Anodized aluminum or powder coat fiish (see pg 62)
  • Extruded aluminum construction
  • 40 or 80 name capacity
  • D400-1: 19" H x 8-3/4" W
  • D400-2: 19" H x 15-1/8" W

Commercial Grade 120 Series Letter Box

Whether they are used alone or in conjunction with other Florence mailboxes, these indoor letter boxes secure mail awaiting pick up by the USPS and are a natural extension of your mailbox system.

Standard Features

  • Front load, Recessed-mounted
  • Prepared for USPS installed master lock
  • Anodized aluminum or powder coat fiish (see options below)
  • Engraved "LETTERS" or designated custom engraving
  • Frame Size: 19-1/8"H x 15-1/6" W
  • Rough Opening Size: 17-5/8" H x 13-5/8" W x 6 -3/4" D
  • Letter slot size: 3/4"H x 10"W

Optional Features

  • Private master lock available
  • Surface mount collar

Commercial Letter Drop

Please note: This product is now discontinued by the manufacturer. When it was available , the LD12 Letter Drop allows for deposit of mail through a spring-loaded flp mounted into a wall.

Standard Features

  • Spring-hinged front flp
  • Anodized aluminum or powder coat fiish (see options below)
  • Engraved "U.S. MAIL" or designated custom engraving

Optional Features

  • 8" or 12" angled wall liner
  • Back plate
US Mail Engraving
  • Frame size: 6-3/8"H x 14-1/16"W x 3/4"D
  • Rough opening size: 5" H x 12-5/8" W
  • Door size: 4" H x 11-3/4" W


Combining the 120 Letter Box with the LD12 (with liner) Letter Drop, creates a unique collection box solution. The 120SMLDL allows for deposit and secure collection of mail, or other documents in private applications.

Color Options

Select either Anodized Aluminum or one of eight different architectural powder coat fiishes as noted for all mailbox accessories.

Antique Bronze (AB)
PMS 8622C
Black (BK)
PMS Black 6C
Dark Bronze (DB)
PMS Black 7C
Gold Speck (GS) PMS 7-5C
Postal Grey (PG)
PMS 413C
Sandstone (SD)
PMS 7501C
Sliver Speck (SS)
PMS 877C
White (WH)
PMS White

Collection Boxes

for Letters or Packages

Free Standing Mail Collection Box

Did you know?

The Postal Regulation that pertains to collection centers is USPS Publication 16 and states local Postal Authorities must approve all units prior to installation.

versatileTM Collection Centers

Use this secure product for all your individual collection needs; whether that includes x-rays, DVD/Blu Rays, books, key drop, etc. for private collection, or as a wall-mounted version for postal collection. The patent pending hopper mechanism and collection box lock ensure contents remain safe and secure. Designed to be suitable for indoor or outdoor use, it is available in nine wallor pedestal-mount heights.

Standard Features

  • Collection box units can be installed recess- or surface-mounted on a wall, with a pedestal, or encased within a varioTM 4C express or depot
  • Units designed to meet ADA/DOJ, ICC/ANSI, and IBC 2006 compliance for maximum 48" door access when installed 14-1/8" above the fiished flor
  • Unique designs seals off access to the main collection compartment when open to prevent mail fihing.
  • Once unit is full, hopper door will not open to accept more items

Color Options

Customize your versatileTM Collection Boxes with eight different architectural powder coat finishes.

Hopper Selections

Florence is pleased to be the only manufacturer to have achieved USPS Approval status for its versatile™ 4C collection box. Designed to coordinate with the versatile™ 4C mailbox suites (see pages 22 - 35 for mailbox product details), select as many modules as needed for your project.

USPS Mail logo

Note: Free-standing collection boxes for postal
delivery must be pre-approved by postal offiials.
  • Hopper Door Diagram

When open, hopper door extends 5-7/16" from unit and seals off access to the main collection compartment. Once unit is full, hopper door will not open to accept more items.

Collection Bins

for Waste / Recycling

Bins collection

Standard Lock

The versatile™ 4C bins come standard with a 86009 lock.

versatile™ Trash / Recycling Bins

Since these bins were designed as part of the versatile™ 4C mailbox line, they are the perfect complement to your centralized mail center. Keep the area tidy by providing receptacles for the disposal of junk mail, or create a standalone recycling center for the convenience of your residents.

Standard Features

  • Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and stainless steel components
  • Included interior collection receptacle(s) constructed of all recycled materials
  • Master door includes 5-pin cam lock with three keys
  • Door flp in brushed stainless steel with pre-printed decals: WASTE, TRASH, PLASTIC, GLASS or PAPER
  • Recessed-mount

Optional Features

  • Custom door flp decals with up to 12 characters
  • Combination lock or keyless latch options
  • Powder coat fiish door flp in coordinating color
  • Eight powder coat color fiishes
  • Four mounting options

Color Options

Customize your versatileTM Collection Bin with eight different architectural powder coat fiishes.

Bin Selections

Florence is pleased to be the provider of the versatile™ 4C trash/recycling bins. Designed to coordinate with the versatile™ 4C mailbox suites (see pages 22 - 35 for mailbox product details), select as many modules as needed for your project.

Door Flap Decal Options

Choose from five standard decal options or create your own custom option with up to 12 characters.

Trash Label
Waste door
Recycled Glass Label
Recycled Paper
Recycled Plastic
Mounting locker
Close door mounting
Open door mounting

Mounting Options

Five different mounting options provide greater flxibility in creating your recycling center or matching an existing mailbox installation:

  • Recessed-mount (shown above)
  • Surface-mount collar (see page 39)
  • Free-standing enclosure (see page 39)
  • Pedestal-mount (see pages 40 - 41)

Customers Who Trusted Us With Their Projects

Major League Baseball
Harvard University
JP Morgan
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of State
USPS Approved
Balfour Beatty
Oregon Tech
Syracuse University