Private Delivery Mailboxes (for private mail distribution and collection)

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  1. Salsbury 2130FL Americana Mailbox Front Loading 30 Tenant Doors
    was $2,000.00 Special Price $1,599.97 As low as $1,437.50
  2. Salsbury 2116FL Front Loading Americana Mailbox 16 Tenant Doors
    was $1,937.00 Special Price $1,549.97 As low as $1,392.50
  3. Salsbury 2114FL Americana Mailbox Front Loading 14 Tenant Doors
    was $1,937.00 Special Price $1,549.97 As low as $1,392.50
  4. Salsbury 2108FL Americana Mailbox Front Loading 8 Tenant Doors
    was $1,937.00 Special Price $1,549.97 As low as $1,392.50
  5. Salsbury 2130RL Americana Mailbox Rear Loading 30 Tenant Doors
    was $1,812.00 Special Price $1,449.97 As low as $1,303.17
  6. Salsbury 2116RL Americana Mailbox Rear Loading 16 Tenant Doors
    was $1,750.00 Special Price $1,399.97 As low as $1,258.50
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Choosing Mailboxes for Private Delivery Applications

Private Delivery mailboxes are commercial mailboxes designed for universities, businesses, and any organization with its own in-house mail staff. They are used by a designated employee who receives, sorts and distributes the mail from the USPS courier to the proper recipient.

Our private use boxes are available in multiple material options, such as aluminum and brass. The private delivery category offers a variety of installation options. There are stand-alone mailboxes that can be rolled, recessed wall mount units and pedestal mount cluster box units that make up the main 3 categories.

Letter slots (which are installed through a door or wall) and collection boxes are a great choice for a secure, after-hours deposit location for payment or other sensitive material. Non-USPS Mailboxes provide a high level of security with only authorized personnel having access to the key.

This category of mailbox offers a secure yet accessible location for the recipient. We hope you will find a perfect fit for your industrial, commercial, or residential needs. Please feel free to call our customer care team for more information.

Private Use Cluster Box Units

Cluster Box units in any variation of size and format offer the user one centralized location to allow secure delivery to a large group of people. Pedestal, wall or bottom mount, and horizontal or vertical door configurations all offer similar beneficial attributes:

  • Each unit is constructed of rust-resistant aluminum
  • Available in sizes from 1 inch to 12 inches
  • Stainless steel hardware is used for all locks and hinge components for increased security and durability.
  • Each mailbox door includes a heavy-duty 5-pin cylinder cam lock with a dust/rain shield and three (3) keys
  • Measure the desired area to apply your new address numbers to ensure you order the best available fit.
  • Main access door includes a factory installed master commercial lock with two (2) keys
  • The 8 Door Unit includes 2 parcel lockers
  • A single compartment is labeled for "Outgoing Mail" and is designed with an overhead flap for added weather protection.

Freestanding Mailboxes

The Freestanding category expands beyond the stationary CBU mailboxes to Roll-A-Way mobile units, package drop boxes, mail chests and courier boxes for private delivery. There are various options when selecting a mailbox for private delivery use. It is important to research the available choices before selecting which configuration is right for your particular application.

A few features to consider are:

Stationary or Mobile CBU mail centers: As you've learned, a cluster box unit offers one location for mail delivery to multiple recipients. These units are available in mobile or stationary configurations. Stationery boxes are typically either a recessed wall mount or a pedestal mount to bolt into a concrete slab. Both styles are constructed of durable, cast aluminum with all stainless steel hardware and locking mechanisms. Cluster Box units are a helpful option when multiple recipients are utilizing a shared space.

Package Drop Boxes are a variant on the large, pedestal mount mailbox. This style boxes offer the ability to receive parcels in addition to your general mail. There are slots for incoming or outgoing letter-size mail, but also contains a package drop box located at the bottom of the unit with locking retrieval doors conveniently located on the front and rear of the box.

Mail chests are slightly smaller units, but with similar features to the package drop boxes. They contain front and rear locking doors for retrieval access, 2 letter slots for incoming/outgoing mail, and a large parcel compartment on the bottom. The chests are constructed of industrial strength aluminum and stainless steel hardware to endure the elements for years of secure service.

Courier boxes are constructed of 14-gauge steel. Each courier mailbox features a three-point locking mechanism with keys. Custom engraved placards are available. These residential mailboxes are built to withstand severe weather conditions. Finishes available in blue, gray, white, or primer gray. Courier mailboxes are excellent for use in colleges, businesses, and other commercial developments in need of a secure parcel drop box for internal courier pickup.

Specialty Products for Private Delivery

Specialty products for Private delivery offer a vast array of option. Whether you are looking for a wall mount receptacle, thru-wall letter and parcel drop slots, an indoor collection unit with lock, or replacement locks; we hope this page will be a helpful resource.

  • Letter boxes for private delivery are available from Salsbury in surface or recessed wall mount applications. Letter boxes offer similar security features as CBUs in an individual configuration. These boxes may be a good choice for having each recipient close access to their personal mail receptacle. >
    They are constructed of sturdy aluminum and steel. Boxes are offered in standard (15' in. W x 19 in. H x 7-1/2 in. D) or slim designs, with slots measuring 11-1/2 in. W x ¾ in. H and 8 in. W x ¾ in. H respectively. All, letter boxes feature a locking mechanism, though you may opt for a thumb latch versus the standard key lock.
  • Letter slots offer the ability to receive your mail thru a door or wall of a residential or private location. The stop angle of the slot door is adjustable for added security. This is a key feature that prevents thieves from being able to reach inside your delivery slot.
  • Mail drop receptacles work in conjunction with a thru door/wall letter slot application. The mail drop box mounts on the opposite side of the surface to catch all mail sent thru the slot. This offers a clean, professional look and keeps received mail from ending up on the floor. Drop receptacles offer added security for your identity by utilizing a stainless steel locking mechanism to keep all unauthorized persons out. A high percentage of identity theft begins with mail fraud. This receptacle may be a welcome addition to your delivery slot for your home or office.
  • Parcel drops are available in a similar configuration. This allows for interior delivery of parcels at a private location like your home or business. When the exterior door opens, an interior wall rises into place, securing the location. This eliminates the possibility of tampering and allows for a completely secure package delivery experience.
  • Key keepers or cabinets are offered as a solution to keeping master keys or replacement keys handy for use in an emergency. Both choices lock with the use of a single master key, similar to a CBU installation.

Pedestal Drop Boxes

Pedestal Drop Boxes are offered at factory direct prices by Budget Mailboxes. These drop boxes come in three different sizes and come in four finishes including primer.

Mini storage cabinets

Mini storage cabinets are ideal for securing small items and devices in lobbies or stations in a various commercial or business centers. These superior quality storage cabinets come in a wide variety of sizes and options. For your next project, shop with a company that specializes in home mailboxes and commercial mailboxes. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. A product expert is ready to help you find the commercial mailbox that's perfect for your requirements.

Budget Mailboxes offers Brass Style Mailboxes at factory direct prices. These mailboxes are ideal for colleges, schools, military bases, government agencies, private postal centers, and many more.

Budget Mailboxes offers Aluminum Style Mailboxes at factory direct prices. These mailboxes are ideal for corporate locations, private postal centers, government agencies and other applications.

Americana Mailboxes

Budget Mailboxes offers Americana Style Mailboxes with aluminum die-cast doors. These 2100 Series Americana Mailboxes come in five unique door configurations.

Rack Ladder Aluminum Mailboxes

Budget Mailboxes offers Rack Ladder Aluminum Mailboxes at factory direct prices. These 2200 Series rack ladder system mailboxes are available in various configurations.

Data distribution system boxes are designed to be installed between rack ladders. Rack ladders support five units to form a column of boxes. Data distribution system boxes can also be used in Free-Standing Mail Centers. For your next project, shop with a company that specializes in home mailboxes and commercial mailboxes. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. A product expert is ready to help you find the data distribution box that's perfect for your requirements.

Questions & Answers

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: Are custom colors available for the pedestal drop box?
Answer: Yes, please feel free to contact us for more information. Thank you.

Question: Where can I get the protective parts which go along the inside bottom edge of each door? It covers the sharp aluminum that seems to cut each resident as they reach in for their mail.
Answer: This unit is not designed for mail use. Padding for the shelves is available if this is what you are referring to.

Question: How do I get the post office to deliver mail to these boxes?
Answer: Only the USPS can approve a non-USPS pre-approved mailbox. The mini storage cabinet does not fall within the USPS guidelines, so getting that unit approved might prove to be very difficult. That unit does not have a main access, outgoing mail slot, or parcel locker, which all USPS units have.

Question: What are the available colors for the mini storage cabinet?
Answer: Antique copper, antique bronze, postal grey, silver speck, sandstone, black, dark bronze, blonde gold, AF gold and standard anodized aluminum finishes are available. Thank you.

Question: Do you make a smaller storage cabinet with the 5"x 4" door. Something like a 3x4, 3x3 or a 2x4.
Answer: Yes, these options can be custom configured. You will need to contact us for pricing.

Question: Does the Americana mailbox come with hinged locking rear covers?
Answer: Hinged locking rear covers (#2150) are available as an option upon request. Thank you.

Question: Can the locks be replaced?
Answer: The locks themselves cannot be replaced, but there are replacement doors that come with the lock and two keys.

Question: Is the mail delivered by the front or back? Referring to 8 products does this mean you only have 8 in stock? Can more be ordered, and how long before it can be available?
Answer: There is a choice for both. The 8 products means if you click on that item you will see the products of that type. Which is where you will find the front and rear access.

Question: I need to get some new locks for the brass Private Delivery Mailboxes
Answer: Please call for assistance with getting the correct locks.

Question: Can data distribution boxes be used in free-standing mail centers?
Answer: Yes, data distribution boxes can be used in free-standing mail centers. Thank you.

Question: How much is the mail slot for aluminum mailboxes?
Answer: Yes, please click the link to view the Mail Slot for Aluminum Mailboxes. Thank you.

Question: Can these be mounted through a wall and load from the back?
Answer: Yes, they can.

Question: Do you also have copper mailboxes?
Answer: Yes, please click the link to view our full selection of Copper Mailboxes. Thank you.

Question: You never talk about the color in the pictures. I want to see what sandstone looks like.
Answer: This box is only available in the brass finish shown.

Question: I need to order 12 - #2152 - #2 Alum Die cast DR-Frame- Lock - 2 keys - Americana include hardware - Custom engraved door - Americana - #7, #8, #18, #33, #36, #54, #69, #75, #91, #92, #93
Answer: Please call to place the order.

Question: Do you have any private use mailboxes for sale?
Answer: Yes, keyword search "private use" for results.

Question: Do you have rack ladders for data distribution systems?
Answer: Yes, please click the link to view our Rack Ladders for Distribution Systems. Thank you.

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