Community Mailboxes & Apartment Mailboxes

Types of Apartment and Community Mailboxes

We offer a variety of apartment and community mailboxes ranging from outdoor pedestal units to recessed horizontal units. Details for each of these options are listed below.

Outdoor Pedestal Cluster Mailboxes

The cluster mailbox is our most common product for customers purchasing centralized mailboxes for apartment complexes or residential communities. Considered the standard in mail security, the outdoor pedestal CBU is pre-approved by the USPS and is relatively easy to install. Also, at a price that can go as low as $71.00 per door, the CBU is the best value apartment mailbox we sell.

Recessed Indoor/Outdoor Cluster Mailboxes (4C Horizontal Mailboxes)

Recessed 4C horizontal mailboxes are the industry standard for apartment complexes where a cluster mailbox must either be installed in a building lobby or outside in a postal kiosk. If purchased with surface mount collars, these units can be mounted on a wall without being recessed -- just make sure the installation meets your local post office's specifications. These units can also be recessed into a wall outside of a building. Below are some photos of different types of 4C mailbox installations:

4C Mailbox Installation Example
Indoor Apartment Mailboxes
Cluster Mailboxes Gray

4B Horizontal and 4B Vertical Mailboxes (for replacing existing units)

Our customers typically purchase the 4B mailbox to replace existing units -- this is referred to as a retrofit installation. Even so, to be on the safe side, you will need USPS approval prior to purchase and installation. If your apartment complex already uses 4B mailboxes to supply mail for tenants, then you may simply want to purchase 4B mailbox replacements unless you are remodeling your complex to meet new standards. If you are remodeling, you will want to go with the 4C mailbox since it is the current USPS standard. Contact our support team if you have any questions.

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: What's your address?
Answer: Weblife Stores
Attn: Orders
PO Box 20338
Panama City Beach, FL 32417
Question: Need a 3-door mailbox for a triplex that mounts on a pole at the sidewalk.
Answer: Please see the below items:

Triple Mailbox Packages

3 Door Cluster Box Units
Question: We need 3 rows of 8 15 x 28 wide
Answer:Please give us a call and we will find a setup to meet your needs.Thank you!
Question: I need a three door outside mailbox wall mounted. Do you have any?
Answer:Are you looking for recessed mounted or surfaced mounted?
Question: I am looking for a wall mount 3 door mailbox! Not recessed and in black or silver.
Answer:Vertical mailboxes are not available in black. Here is the sku for an aluminum surface mount 3 door:WL-12503SMSHABM
Question:I need a mailbox for 5 units with a mail slot, parcel box for everyone- to be outside in the court yard pedestal mounting --
Answer:Please search this sku: WL-3413S-05SANBM
Question: We are planning to replace the mailboxes in all seven of our buildings which is 60 years old.....there are 56 units per building and have recessed mailboxes in the wall....111 inches by 34 you have any mailboxes that would fit that area?
Answer:It is very hard to match mailboxes in a hole that is already placed.We will need more information to help you. Please call for assistance.

Community & Apartment Mailboxes

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