Mail Boss Locking Mailboxes - Post and Wall Mount

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  1. Package Master
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  2. Ultimate High Security Locking Mailbox
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  3. Ultimate High Security Locking Single Mailbox & Post Package
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  4. 43 inch In Ground Post
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  5. Surface Mount Post
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  6. Base Plate
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  7. Newspaper Holder
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  8. 2-Box Spreader Bar
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  9. 3-Box Spreader Bar
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  10. 4-Box Spreader Bar
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Brand Overview

As a company, Mail Boss was born out of the need to have a high-quality yet affordable locking mailbox after the company president became a victim of mail theft. In this day and age, the need to protect one's personal and business mail could not be greater. In 2006, the first Mail Boss locking security mailbox became available and contributed to the company's success. Equipped with a patented Fast-Trak mounting feature and security lock design, it quickly became the popular choice among homeowners and business managers looking to prevent mail and identity theft. Today, Mail Boss offers dozens of locking mailbox models, and they are all available at

Mail Boss Locking Mailboxes - Post and Wall Mount
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Choosing your next Mail Boss Locking Mailbox

Mail Boss is among the industry leaders in mailbox strength and security. From his own experience with identity theft, the founder set out to improve residential mail security. Their entire line is engineered with a sole purpose in mind, to allow the delivery of sensitive material that remains secure until retrieved by the intended recipient. There are several variations of their design to assist users in choosing the right style mailbox for their particular application.

Construction & Materials

These high-security mailboxes are engineered using 14 and 16 gauge steel for strength, and powder coated for extreme protection from the elements. Stainless steel is used for all hardware. Mail Boss is the only company with patented anti-pry technology, and an industrial strength tubular 9-pin locking mechanism that is designed to be pick proof. All of these amazing features combine to create one of the sturdiest and safest mailboxes manufactured today. Many imitators have tried to replicate it, but none come close in security and strength to Mail Boss™.

Configuration Options

Post Mount

Post Mount curbside mailboxes are available in two sizes, Standard and Package Master. Both utilize a concealed shelf for outgoing mail, a drop slot for mail delivery and a locking compartment at the bottom to retrieve all incoming letters, magazines or packages. Once in the locked compartment, your mail is protected by the patented anti-fishing design. All post mount boxes are delivered with the appropriate mounting bracket for easy installation.

The standard post mount box’s commanding 21”D x 11.125”W x 13.75”H size let people know this isn’t your “basic” mailbox. The incoming mail slot measures 1.9”H x 10.25”W, making it large enough to receive magazines and large envelopes. The “standard” is technically an “estate size” mailbox, providing a collection area of 6.25”H x 10.25”W x 19.25”L so you won’t have to worry if your mail goes unchecked for a couple of days.

The larger Package Master version measures in at 21.5 in. x 16.5 in. x 12 in., and offers the same secure incoming and outgoing areas as the standard post mount box. The Package Master box boasts a larger drop area for delivery of small boxes and soft parcels. The package drop opening allows for packages up to 4.5”Hx4.5”Wx10.5”L, meaning you will no longer have to stress over precious packages left at your doorstep.

Wall Mount

Top-level security is also engineered into a convenient line of wall mount boxes. These units offer the same steel construction and security features seen on the post mount models. Customers can enjoy legendary security in a convenient model that is perfect for your metropolitan property.

There are two architectural designs to choose from, a standard model and the TownHouse model.

Both designs incorporate:

  • A protected slot for outgoing mail pickup
  • A sliding, tamper-proof flag located on the side of the unit.
  • Engineered anti-pry points
  • State of the art anti-picking tubular locks

Selecting Posts

Your new post mount mailboxes can be mounted on any appropriately sized post with the easy to install mounting bracket. While any 4’ x 4” post will do the job of supporting your mailbox to the desired height, why not finish your ultra secure mailbox installation with an official Mail Boss post. These all steel posts are powder coated to perfectly match your new mailbox, offering a finishing touch to your new tamper proof delivery system.

Posts are available in four colors; black, bronze, granite and white.

Posts are offered in two configurations:

  1. Surface mount post measures 27” x 4” x 4” with welded, pre-drilled plates on each end for easy installation. Designed for bolted installation on any surface of your choosing. Please use professionally recommended hardware for chosen surface for post installation.
  2. In-ground post is 43” x 4” x 4”. The in-ground post is designed to be buried (1) one foot into the ground and surrounded by concrete. This gives a secure base for your mailbox when mounting directly into the earth.

Base Plates are available to mount any 4” x 4” post of your choice to the box and desired surface.

Mailbox Finish

Mail Boss products are finished using a powder coating process. Powder coating is applied as a dry powder, much like a spray paint application, then the pieces are baked at a specified time and temperature to cure. This process yields a finish more durable than paint, while providing the same high gloss shine.


Newspaper Holders are available for installation with your post mount mailbox. The unit bolts securely to the interior of your mailbox using stainless steel hardware and is formed using the same steel as the mailbox and post. Dimensions are 17.5″L x 6″W x 6″H

Mailbox Spread Bar adapter plates are available, allowing for the installation of up to 4 post mount boxes. For a rural area with multiple addresses at the same delivery location, this may be a great alternative to the conventional CBU mailbox.

Assembly and Installation

All Mail Boss mailboxes are assembled at the factory to ensure the highest standard in quality control. Simply follow the installation instructions provided on our website for reliable service. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our friendly customer support staff standing by the help.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Epoch Design stands by the quality and craftsmanship of our products. They offer a free Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Mail Boss and all Mail Boss products with proof of purchase to the original owner. The Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturing defects and any failure of moving parts under normal use. They pledge to repair or replace, at their option, any product or component that is defective in material or workmanship for as long as you own it. The Lifetime Warranty excludes deliberate or accidental damage and does not extend to misuse, finishes, rust, or improper installation.

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: May I know the dimensions of the Mail Boss Ultimate High Security Locking Triple Mailbox?

Answer: The Mail Boss Ultimate High Security Locking Triple Mailbox measures 21"D x 11.25"W x 13.75"H. Thank you.

Question: What is the USPS requirement for height of the box from the ground? I have a 7106 MailBoss and am concerned about the height of the mail slot near top will cause a problem.

Answer: The incoming mail slot of your Mail Boss must be 41-45" above the roads surface, as noted in the following link.

Question: Are there available additional keys for mail boss box with round-type key? I have a key with the number insert but would like additional keys.

Answer: We do not sell Mailboss keys. Please contact the manufacturer for more information.

Question: How is the mail delivered? Does the carrier need a key also? how much mail will they hold? I am sometimes gone for 2 weeks.

Answer: The mail is delivered through a slot directly below the out-going mail section. The postal carrier will not need a key.  Please see this Spec Sheet for more information and dimensions.

Question: Is a thumb lock available for mail boss townhouse wall mount locking mailbox?

Answer: No it does not have a thumblatch option.

Question: Do you recommend mounting on a wood post?

Answer: A wooden post is not recommended. These mailboxes have specific post to be mounted to.

Question: My mailbox was pried open and they broke the lock. Do you sell new locks to fit post mount?

Answer: We do not but you may be able to get one through the manufacturer.

Question: How much for a key to the Mail Boss 7506?

Answer: We do not sell this key.

Customers Who Trusted Us With Their Projects

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Harvard University
JP Morgan
U.S. Department of Defense
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