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  1. Salsbury 2130FL Americana Mailbox Front Loading 30 Tenant Doors
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  2. Salsbury 2116FL Front Loading Americana Mailbox 16 Tenant Doors
    was $1,185.00 Special Price $947.97 As low as $854.50
  3. Salsbury 2114FL Americana Mailbox Front Loading 14 Tenant Doors
    was $1,185.00 Special Price $947.97 As low as $854.50
  4. Salsbury 2108FL Americana Mailbox Front Loading 8 Tenant Doors
    was $1,185.00 Special Price $947.97 As low as $854.50
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Brand Overview

Salsbury Industries is the industry leader when it comes to the manufacturing of quality residential mailboxes, commercial mailboxes and custom signage. Since 1936, Salsbury Industries has been committed to providing USPS-approved mailboxes and postal products to consumers all over the globe, and is also officially licensed by the USPS to manufacture cluster box units (CBUs). Additionally, Salsbury offers a wide selection of residential mailboxes and address plaques, as well as private access 4C mailboxes for commercial use, storage lockers, and 4B+ replacement mailboxes. Finally, all Salsbury mailboxes offered at come ready for installation.

Salsbury Mailboxes (and more by Salsbury Industries)
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4C Pedestal Mailboxes
(Size: 2.5 MB)
Americana Mailboxes
(Size: 1.4 MB)
Antique Brass Mailboxes
(Size: 679.3 KB)
Brass Mailboxes
(Size: 1.4 MB)
Cast Aluminum Plaques
(Size: 1.2 MB)
(Size: 2 MB)
Classic Mailbox Posts
(Size: 1.1 MB)
Cluster Box Units (CBU's)
(Size: 1.9 MB)
Courier Boxes
(Size: 1.5 MB)
Custom Plaques
(Size: 1 MB)
Decorative Mailbox Posts
(Size: 1.1 MB)
Deluxe Mailbox Posts
(Size: 1.1 MB)
(Size: 883.9 KB)
Eagle Rural Mailboxes
(Size: 1.1 MB)
Heavy Duty Rural Mailboxes
(Size: 880.9 KB)
Large Commercial Signage
(Size: 1.2 MB)
Letter Boxes
(Size: 1.3 MB)
Lockers and Storage Solutions
(Size: 1011.2 KB)
Mail Chests
(Size: 1.6 MB)
Mail Drops / Receptacles
(Size: 1.5 MB)
Mail Houses
(Size: 907.9 KB)
Mail Package Drops
(Size: 1.8 MB)
Mail Slots
(Size: 1000.3 KB)
Modern Mailboxes
(Size: 776.9 KB)
Numbers & Letters
(Size: 862.3 KB)
Pedestal Collection Boxes
(Size: 1.5 MB)
Pedestal Drop Boxes
(Size: 1.5 MB)
Regency Decorative CBU's
(Size: 1.7 MB)
(Size: 11.2 MB)
Roadside Mailboxes
(Size: 2 MB)
(Size: 3.8 MB)
Signature Series Plaques
(Size: 1.4 MB)
Stainless Steel Mailboxes
(Size: 699.7 KB)
Traditional Mailboxes
(Size: 1.1 MB)
Victorian Mailboxes
(Size: 992.6 KB)
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Salsbury Industries Mailboxes - Commercial & Residential

Are you looking to purchase a Salsbury mailbox? Feel free to view our category details listed below, or call (866) 707-0008 to speak with a product expert right away. Our team is happy to walk you through the process of choosing the right product for your next residential or commercial purchase.

USPS Commercial Mailboxes (Cluster Box Units, 4C & 4B Horizontal, Vertical Mailboxes)

Salsbury Industries is one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of commercial cluster mailboxes for USPS delivery. These units are ideal for shopping centers, office and apartment complexes, residential subdivisions and developments, or any location where centralized delivery is required. Depending on the number of doors you select, these units include between 1 to 2 parcel lockers. You can purchase the CBU in 8-Door, 12-Door, 13-Door, and 16-Door configurations.

Since 2006, the 4C Horizontal mailbox has been the industry standard for centralized USPS delivery. The United States Postal Service requires these units for all new developments. However, if you need to replace pre-existing 4B Mailboxes, we have these in USPS Approved options as well. Make sure you have spoken with your local postmaster before purchasing a 4B unit for replacement purposes. Vertical mailboxes fall into the same category as 4B units. As such, we recommend you call us or consult your local post office before placing an order for a vertical mailbox.

Specialty Mailboxes

Salsbury has a wide selection of specialty mailboxes for commercial use. Top selling products in this category include free-standing mail centers, letter boxes, roadside mail chests, mail package drops, and outdoor parcel lockers . You can purchase mail chests and package drops for either commercial or residential mail delivery. Letter boxes are popular with offices or businesses that do not receive frequent parcel deliveries. If you have a specific question regarding any of our specialty products, give us a call at (866) 707-0008.

Private Delivery Commercial Mailboxes

For nearly every USPS mailbox they make, Salsbury offers a private delivery counterpart. These applications are usually for institutions that do not require the U.S. Postman to deliver the mail to individual boxes. These units are provided with locks and keys for private, institutional use. If you are not sure whether you need an application for USPS or Private delivery, simply ask the following question: will the mailman be delivering mail to your box? If the answer is yes, then you need to go with a USPS Approved option. Call us at (866) 707-0008 if you need assistance.

Residential Mailboxes - Post & Wall Mount

Among Salsbury's selection of residential mailboxes are post-mount rural mailboxes, locking mail chests, victorian wall mailboxes, mail houses, column insert mailboxes, and more. These are USPS ready and make great choices for outdoor home improvement projects. You can customize each individual post-mount rural mailbox with a post of your choice. Or, if you do not need a post mailbox, you can shop our selection of wall-mount mailboxes.

Custom Signage and Address Plaques

Salsbury offers one of the largest selections of customizable Address Plaques and Signs found online, and you can get them at discounted prices on Choose from a variety of emblems, plaque, and text color variations, and then include the desired custom text or numbering for the sign you select. Call us at (866) 707-0008 if you need help choosing or customizing your business or address sign.

Customer Questions & Answers

Question:Do you sell the plate that holds the lock on Dura Steel Products Co mailboxes?

Answer: We do not carry anything directly related to Dura Steel but it's my understanding that several lock companies do make a lock that is meant to replace the Dura Steel lock; however, I was not able to find anything regarding a plate/lock cover for one of their locks.

Question: Do you also offer large commercial plaques?

Answer:Yes, please our Large Commercial Plaques. Thank you.

Question: How can I order replacement keys for a multi-family kiosk for a box that has not been assigned yet?

Answer:Key blanks are available on most models. You will just need to have a locksmith cut the additional keys once you have received your assigned ones.

Question:Do you have a copy of the regulations for New York City mailboxes?

Answer:We do not, but we can try to look them up. The United States Postal Office is usually the one to set regulations.

Question: Our company has 100 of your mailboxes that we use as "lockers" for our drivers. Over the years, we have lost probably half of the keys. I removed one of the locks and the only identifying number I can find on it is 0313. Are replacement keys available? If not, are replacement locks available? What would you need from me to send the correct locks?

Answer: Can you please send us an image of your boxes? customercare@weblifestores.

Question: Do you sell a Locking Drop Box - large size: 14-3/8" W x 36" H x 23" D - Drop-Box-4375 ; this may be a Salisbury Industries box.

Answer: Yes, please see this Mail Package Drop. Thank you.

Question: Does Salisbury Industries sell online through mailboxexchange?

Answer:Yes. It is called a Parcel Drop.

Question:I need to know the outside dimensions of the Courier Box Gray ($598.99, bottom of the page). Can the Access opening at the bottom be put on the back instead of the front?

Answer:Size is 20" W x 49" H x 26" D. The only custom option available on this item is the finish. The access door cannot be relocated to the rear.

Question:What is the history of company?

Answer: Salsbury Industries is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company and has excelled in the field of manufacturing since 1936. Operating in nearly 500,000 square feet in Los Angeles, CA and Columbus, OH, our vertically integrated manufacturing facilities and quality control procedures allow us to effectively and efficiently produce components that are machined, powder-coated, assembled, packaged and shipped from our facilities.

Question:Do you sell the little plastic nameplate holders?

Answer:Please see Clear Plastic Card Holder for 4B Horizontal Mailboxes.

Question:I need installation instructions for 2406 series boxes. 20 boxes total with rack ladders and brackets.

Answer:Here are the installation instructions(click to view).

Question:I am looking for a horizontal, 4-slot mailbox for delivery and pick up.

Answer: Have a look at these 4-Door 1 Parcel Units. These boxes can be recessed or surface mounted.

Question: I would like to get a quote for (2) 31' x 55" 3700 USPS-STD - 4C and (1) 15 1/2" x 55" 3700 USPS - STD - 4C.

Answer:Yes, that cost includes the mailbox and post. The box size is 8"W x 10.5"H x 19"D . This would be considered a medium size.

Question:I need instructions for installation of part #2255brz.

Answer:Here are the installation instructions (click to view).It will take you to related downloads on the product page. Select the Installation Instructions PDF.

Question: I am looking for repair parts for your Rural post deluxe in ground beige #4870bge; specifically the arch support for the mailbox (4850BGE)

Answer:We do not sell parts for the post. We only sell the entire post together.

Question:Do you carry a newspaper holder that can be used on it's own on an in ground post?

Answer:We do not have newspaper holders that are meant to stand alone.They are all meant to go along with a mailbox.

Question: My grandson lost the keys to the post office box door bank I made him. I have the number of the lock. I need a new key or new cylinder. Can I buy one or the other?

Answer: We do sell keys and locks for some models on our site. I would need to know the exact model you have to refer you to the proper parts. Please call us at 866-707-0008.

Question: I need a large or Xlarge mailbox to fit on your post model#4845BLK. What box choices do I have?

Answer:This post is made for The Heavy Duty Royal Mailbox #4850 or the Eagle Rural #4855.

Question:Do you sell a through-the-door letter slot kit with a locking box? I have a customer who is looking for a way to securely receive tenant payments in a collection receptacle that he can access during hours and a box where tenants are able to place letters through the door into a box.

Answer:You can purchase this slot and receptacle. The slot is on the outside and the receptacle is on the inside with a lock that comes with two keys.

Question:I need two 18-inch-high pedestals for two residential mailboxes at a housing development. They were hit by a car. The mailboxes are OK, but the pedestals are damaged. Can I order just the pedestals?

Answer:We do have pedestals for sale. We would need to know what mailbox you have to find the correct post.

Question: I am looking to install a small mail chute in the garage door. Do you carry any?

Answer:Yes we do, please type "WL-2255ALMBM " into the keyword search for the item.

Question: I am looking for a Salsbury Industries 4850A bronze or copper Antique Rural mailbox. Do you have it in stock now?

Answer:This item is in stock. It ships out after 1-3 business days.

Question:Can I get a replacement lock for my Salsbury mailbox Model USPS-STD-4B+?

Answer:Yes, please view the product page for the Lock Standard Replacement For 4B+ for more details. Also, feel free to call us at (866) 707-0008 if you need further assistance.

Question:Do you have just the magnet for the door?

Answer:Sorry, we do not sell the magnets.

Question:I am looking for recessed 20 boxes.

Answer:You might be looking for one of our 21 Doors (20 Usable) Front Loading units. If you need further assistance, feel free to call us at (866) 707-0008. Thank you.

Question: I am looking for a mailbox that looks like the cast iron old ones

Answer:Look at the Quality Import brand and also Imperial. These may be the type you are looking for.

Question: I am with the Tampa Housing, and I need to purchase some mailbox lock. We may have an account with you. The property is Robles Park Tampa, FL 33603. Thank you! Danny Lugo

Answer: I did not find any orders from the information you provided. What kind of mailboxes do you have?

Question:Where are you mailboxes manufactured at? What country?

Answer:Salsbury Industries is located in the United States.

Question:Are there dealers/retailer in the Twin Cities that carry Salsbury mailboxes?

Answer:You will need to contact Salsbury directly for that information.

Question:Just received one of your stainless steel mailboxes from Wayfair and the corners are not bent sharply. Is this the nature of these boxes? Can one be checked if I return the one I have and reorder from you?

Answer:Please call us for assistance.

Question:Do you have parts for mailboxes?

Answer:We have some parts for some mailboxes. We would need to know what you are looking for to help you.

Question:What is the difference between the Heavy Duty, the Antique, and the Deluxe mailboxes? They look the same and seem to be priced the same.

Answer:They are the same mailbox and they are priced the same. The only difference is the finishes. The Deluxe are powder-coated in a Bronze, Copper, Brass or Nickel finish. The Antiques are powder coated in a Mocha or Pewter. The Heavy Duty mailboxes are powder coated in more basic colors of Beige, Black, Green or White.

Question:Do you have an inexpensive plain vertical box that can hold a newspaper?

Answer:We have two different brands of vertical mailboxes. The smallest being a 3 door and the price starts at $105.00.Here is the SKU#: WL-12503HGBM

Question: I ordered a antique brass rural mailbox on 8/21/2000 with order #ORD70032. I stored then unpacked them on 1/19/2014. I found no signal flag included. Can you help with this?

Answer: Please click the link to view the Replacement Flag for the Antique Rural Mailbox. Thank you.

Question:What are the dimensions on item 2256ALM including outside dimensions. Would you build one to my specs?

Answer:The Receptacle measures 15'' W x 19'' H x 7-1/2'' D and the rear opening measures 12'' W x 6'' H. Unfortunately, this item is not customizable.

Question:Do you have a 6-unit mailbox?

Answer:Yes, please click the link to view the 6-Door Pedestal Unit. Thank you.

Question:We need to buy new tumblers and keys for our mailboxes. Can you give me your telephone number?

Answer:Please call (866)707-0008.

Question:Our town purchased a drop box for sewer payments approximately 6-7 years ago. I have just lost the key in the last week and cannot find the extra one. What are my options?

Answer: I do not know what mailbox you have, but you will need to buy a new lock from whoever manufactured your mailbox.

Question:I have 4 post-mounted mailboxes and I'm looking for replacements with the locks. What do you recommend?

Answer:It depends on what size and style you are looking for. Please call for assistance.

Question:I recently purchased a Mail Chest unit as well as the 5" paper holder below. I would like to know if you can make me a 8 " to 10" paper holder as I often get slightly larger packages that do not fit into the 5" paper holder. If it is possible, that would be just great as my mail person has to deliver it to my front door. I am very happy with the Mail Chest (in white). Also, I maybe in need of the 2 stickers for INCOMING and OUTGOING mail as they are lifting up on both ends for some reason.

Answer: The manufacturer does not do custom orders for paper holders.You can purchase stick on letters to accommodate the "incoming" and "outgoing".

Question:The magnet has fallen out of my model 4850, plain, rural type mailbox. Can I buy a replacement magnet?

Answer:We do not sell the magnet. You may be able to purchase one directly from the manufacturer.

Question: I need two 8-box horizontal surface mount style USPS. Do you make such a product?

Answer:Yes, we do. Please click the link to view the 8-Door Horizontal Mailbox and Surface Mount Enclosure. Thank you.

Question:Do you have free-standing banks that could hold 137 mailboxes? We could use several banks. Currently, we have your recessed 7 mailboxes in a wood structure that needs to be replaced.

Answer:Please call for assistance.

Question:I would like to paint the 4140GNE box I have. What type of paint do you suggest?

Answer:Powder coat paint.

Question: I have one of your single metal mailbox doors that has key code 20905 and my granddaughter lost the keys to it. I used the door to make a mailbox truck bank. Can I get replacement keys for it?

Answer:No, you will need to buy a new lock.

Question: We bought nearly 200 mailboxes from you a few years ago. Evidently, they are very easy to break into. It has happened many times over the past 2 years, three times in the past 2 weeks. It seems that someone is prying the master lock sections open with a screw drivers. Can you help us make them more secure. It is getting serious (cards and checks stolen), and the USPS isn't helping. Just let us know how we can secure the sections.

Answer:There are no additional security items for standard cluster boxes. The best thing to do would be to purchase security cluster boxes which have anti-pry security features.

Customers Who Trusted Us With Their Projects

Major League Baseball
Harvard University
JP Morgan
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of State
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Balfour Beatty
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