Still River Mailboxes

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  1. Copper Overlay Mailbox
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Still River Mailboxes
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Customer Questions & Answers

Question: Are these copper mailboxes approved by the USPS?

Answer: Yes, Still River mailboxes are USPS approved. Thank you.

Question: Can you coat the copper mailbox so it does not patina?

Answer: Yes, coating the box will keep it from oxidizing.

Question: I live in Lenox, MA. in Berkshire County; Where are you located?

Answer: We operate out of Florida; however, this item will ship directly from Still River in Massachusetts.

Question: Is it possible to purchase a replacement door? Ours wore out at the hinge.

Answer: We do not sell the doors but you can contact the manufacturer directly for more information.

Question: Please send more pictures. What are front and back made of?

Answer: The ends are copper as well. They are just painted black. We do not have more pics available.

Question: I am interested in purchasing one of your mailboxes but without the personalized name or address, just the design. Is there a discount for no customization and can it be shipped sooner than 2-3 weeks as a result? TY. Jan

Answer: Yes, you can order these mailboxes without customization. You would just leave the Personalized Text box empty. There is not a discount for this and the lead time will unfortunately remain the same.

Question: Is there a reason you paint the fronts and backs and flag black? Can you order them with copper and delete the black? I know that patina is related to many environmental factors, but in general, how long do they take to patina? Thanks

Answer: The rate it takes to patina usually varies from 3 months to 1 year. Unfortunately, they will all come with the painted black and are not available in all copper.

Question: How do I clean the boxes?

Answer: To keep the mailbox a bright copper color, you will need to keep it polished. In the shop, we use a product called "NEVER DULL" because it needs no water. "TARNEX" is available in most hardware or food stores and cleans the copper very well. You can lacquer the copper, or what we have been using and suggesting for some time is a clear coat that is used on auto finishes. It has great UV resistance and is more resilient than the lacquer.

Question: My door broke on my copper mailbox. Do you have a replaced door I can purchase?

Answer: We do not sell the parts for this mailbox. You may contact the manufacturer for assistance.

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