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Imperial Mailboxes

Imperial Multi-Unit Mailboxes
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Starting at $608.94
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Starting at $1,234.94
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Starting at $1,234.94
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Starting at $1,043.94
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Imperial Posts and Post Mount Mailboxes
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9 Products
Starting at $207.99
10 Products
Starting at $160.94
6 Products
Starting at $473.94
17 Products
Starting at $52.94
Imperial Twin Mailbox Post
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Starting at $709.00
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Starting at $709.00
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Starting at $709.00
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Starting at $709.00
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Starting at $709.00
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Starting at $606.94
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Starting at $606.94
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Starting at $571.94
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Imperial Lamps, Signs, & Plaques
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Imperial Mailboxes Parts & Accessories
Number Plates
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Address Numbers
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Starting at $4.97
Newspaper Holders
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Starting at $50.00
Mailbox Doors
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Mailbox Replacement Parts
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Starting at $8.97
Post Replacement Parts
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Starting at $51.94
Plate Extensions
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Starting at $66.94
Imperial Mailboxes

Imperial Mailboxes

For over 20 years, Imperial Mailbox Systems has been at the forefront of the mailbox and street sign industry. As the leading mailbox manufacturer, Imperial was invited to co-author the USPS Std 7b, standardizing the manufacturing of all residential mailbox systems. Imperial offers complete home mailbox systems that include a wide array of address plaques and security options from which to choose. Imperial continues its thrust for excellence and remains faithful to its mission to beautify America’s curb appeal. proudly offers the widest selection of Imperial mailbox systems, mailbox posts, address plaques, security inserts, stand-alone number plates, lamp posts, and replacement parts.

Imperial Systems Component Sheet
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Sample Configuration of Imperial Systems
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Estate Series Mailbox Systems
(353 KB)

Twin Imperial Mailbox Systems
(406 KB)

Imperial Post Systems Component Sheet
(453 KB)

How to Order Post Systems
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Sample Configuration of Post Systems
(508 KB)

Twin Imperial Post Systems
(428 KB)

Carson Series Post Systems
(328 KB)

Multi-Box Systems
(356 KB)

Decorative Posts for CBU Systems
(1.34 MB)

Imperial And Estate Sign Systems
(336 KB)

Solid Cast Black Plates
(343 KB)

Raised Letter Blades and Landmark Frame System
(417 KB)

Sample Configuration of Sign Systems
(253 KB)

Decorative Light Poles
(352 KB)

Sample Configuration of Light Poles
(202 KB)

Light Pole Mailbox Systems
(320 KB)

Sample Configuration of Light Pole Mailbox Systems
(288 KB)

Standard Colors of Mailboxes
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Download Entire Catalog
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Assembly Instructions for All Systems
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Imperial Mailboxes offers complete mailbox systems that include address plaques and security options. In addition, their post-only systems come in a variety of attractive styles. You can order stand alone number plates, security inserts, and other add-on or replacement parts. Finally, Imperial has developed lamp posts that you can mount a mailbox to and street signs mounted on attractive posts that keep the continuity of your property or development consistent. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I'm looking for an Imperial Estate Mailbox Door. Is it available?
Answer: Yes, please view our Estate Mailbox Door 0 or our Estate Mailbox Door 1, 4, 6, (Choose One). Thank you.

Question: How can you tell whether the kind of mailbox you have is an imperial or a Barcelona?
Answer: The box should be marked on the underside of the box. The Barcelona is just a name for the design. It is manufactured by many mailbox makers. Dimensions are usually the best way to identify these because they vary with each manufacturer.

Question: I need to order an imperial mailbox post only. Does it come with any installation hardware?
Answer: The post is a direct burial and does not require assembly, so no hardware is included. The support bracket for attaching a mailbox is sold separately and would include attachment hardware.

Question: Do all the doors for the mailboxes have the same size?
Answer: No all mailbox doors are not of the same size. Imperial offers two sizes, a standard and an estate mailbox.

Question: We need brass numbers for mailbox adhesive. We are located in Craft Farms in Gulf Shores, AL.
Answer: We carry the Imperial 2" Brass Numbers. However, these do not have adhesive in the back. They require a contractor grade adhesive for installation.

Question: Is there any way to order just the front brass knobs?
Answer: Yes, please view the Brass Door Knob for more details. Thank you.

Question: Can I get a couple of replacement screws for the ones that hold the door to the bottom of the body. Two of them have fallen away lost.
Answer: We don't sell the screws by themselves, however Imperial - the manufacturer of the mailboxes might send you a couple. If not, check with a local hardware store.

Question: I wish to purchase a C2-3005 as well as a square paper box (to fit under the postal box). Can you refer me to a dealer near Savannah Georgia or do you sell that model directly?
Answer: If you go to you can build your Imperial system the way you want. Just select which items you want to use.

Question: Does mailbox address plate #4 have to be installed on the top of post 1? I would like in on the bottom of the mailbox.
Answer: Given the design of the post for this C1/D1 Series Mailbox, it is not recommended that the address plate go beneath the mailbox. See this Instruction Manual for more details on post design and installation. However the Newport Mailbox Post may fit your needs. Also see our selection of Streetscape Inc Mailbox Posts. Thanks.

Question: I have a Modern Fleur De Lis Cast Aluminum Mailbox that requires a new hinge. Do you have these in stock?
Answer: Please search this SKU for the item: WL-Hinge-SMBM

Question: I am looking for a Large Estate Imperial Mailbox hinge replacement. The original was about 8 inches long with 4 screws, each about 2 inches apart.
Answer: Please click the link to view the Replacement Hinge for Estate Mailbox. Thank you.

Question: Does your newspaper holder that attaches to the mailbox include the supporting brass?
Answer: Not sure what you mean by supporting brass. The support bracket comes with the mailboxes.

Question: How much is a 510k6 mailbox?
Answer: The standard price for our Imperial System is $365.00 with Free Shipping.

You can find our complete Imperial System via the following link:

Question: Do sell a lockable security insert? Our association boxes are a few years old and some people want a locking feature. Our boxes have a 7.25" opening.
Answer: Yes, we do sell locking inserts. Please search "locking insert" on our website.

Question: Can we order just a box? We already have a pole and everything else, but the box was hit by a passing car.
Answer: Yes, please click the link to find the full selection of Imperial Mailbox Only. Thank you.

Imperial Mailboxes
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