Bluegrass Woods Mailboxes

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  1. Bacova Gardens 10002 Pheasant Vertical Wall Mounted Mailbox
  2. Bacova Gardens 10006 Chickadees Vertical Wall Mounted Mailbox
  3. Bacova Gardens 10008 Quail Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox
  4. Bacova Gardens 10011 Mallard Vertical Wall Mounted Mailbox
  5. Bacova Gardens 10013 Hummingbird Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox
  6. Bacova Gardens 10016 Deer Vertical Wall Mounted Mailbox
  7. Bacova Gardens 10017 Sailboats Vertical Wall Mounted Mailbox
  8. Bacova Gardens 10022 Fox Family Vertical Wall Mounted Mailbox
  9. Bacova Gardens 10027 Chipmunks Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox
  10. Bacova Gardens 10034 Owls Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox
  11. Bacova Gardens 10036 Running Horses Vertical Wall Mounted Mailbox
  12. Bacova Gardens 10078 Sitting Black Lab Vertical Wall Mounted Mailbox
  13. Bacova Gardens 10080 Pineapple Vertical Wall Mounted Mailbox
  14. Bacova Gardens 10091 Violet Basket Vertical Wall Mounted Mailbox
  15. Bacova Gardens 10140 Loon Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox
  16. Bacova Gardens 10164 Garden Cat Vertical Wall Mounted Mailbox
  17. Bacova Gardens 10291 19th Hole Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox
  18. Bacova Gardens 10301 New Hummingbird Vertical Wall Mounted Mailbox
  19. Bacova Gardens 10303 Sunflowers Vertical Wall Mounted Mailbox
  20. Bacova Gardens 10323 Botanical Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox
  21. Bacova Gardens 10325 Cardinal Pine Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox
  22. Bacova Gardens 10326 Cardinals Vertical Wall Mounted Mailbox
  23. Bacova Gardens 10327 Daisies Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox
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265 items

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Bluegrass Woods Mailboxes
Bluegrass Woods Mailboxes became popularly known for their Bacova Mailboxes. Since 1965, Bluegrass Woods Mailboxes have been providing classic hand-painted mailboxes that appeal to a wide range of followers. These wall mount mailboxes, strong box mailboxes and oval mailboxes are available in various designs and sizes. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. A product expert is ready to help you find the Bluegrass Woods Mailbox that's perfect for your needs.

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: May I know the dimensions of the large Bluegrass Woods Mailbox?

Answer: The large Bluegrass Woods Mailbox measures 23" L x 11" W x 15" H. Thank you.

Question: Can I replace the cover that wraps around our mailbox (picture and house number) for my present Bacova Mailbox?

Answer: The cover is attached with rivets that must be factory installed, so they have yet to offer replacement covers.

Question: Where can I purchase/order a replacement mailbox flag for my present Bacova Mailbox (fiberglass) that was supplied with a decorated wrap?

Answer: You will need to contact Bluegrass Woods Inc. directly.We do not sell parts for there mailboxes.

Question: What are the dimensions of a medium-sized box?

Answer: The medium mailbox measures 22" L x 8" W x 11" H

Question: I am looking for a replacement door for a Bacova mailbox patent no. 4,813,595.

Answer: If you purchased the mailbox through us, we can order a door for you from the manufacturer. If you purchased it elsewhere, you will need to go through them. We do not sell the door as a part on our website.

Question: Does hardware come with the violet vertical wall-mounted $51.95 mailbox? Thank you.

Answer: The hardware does not usually come with the mailboxes because the manufacturer does not know what type of surface you will be mounting the mailbox to.

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