USPS Not Receiving Mail Delivery (Everything You Need to Know)

Missing USPS mail is extremely inconvenient, especially if the item is time-sensitive or special to you. No matter if you were sending or receiving the mail, you don't want your money and time wasted. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to fix this problem and helpful links on the postal service website.

The steps you take may depend on the nature of the mail item and whether this is a one-time event or an everyday issue. Whether you are working with residential or commercial mailboxes, there is no guarantee that the post office will be able to find your lost mail.

Not getting mail from Post Office - USPS Mail Delivery

The Reasons Why Your Mail is Not Delivered

The postal service or your letter carrier could misplace your mail pieces for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • No labels - It is possible that the shipping label on your package fell off the mail piece. When this happens, there is no way for the USPS mailperson to know the recipient.

  • Mail theft – Sometimes, people will see a nice package and take it before you pick it up. It happens every day. If this happens, it can be challenging to get your missing mail back.

  • Incorrect or missing address – One of the most common problems is the address. Sometimes, it can smear on the mail item and be difficult for the delivery person to read or the address could be incorrect.

  • Change of address - If you move, you need to apply for an address change with USPS. Otherwise, mail will arrive at your old house.

When you are the mail sender, check the other person's address at least twice. One wrong number in the zip code can be a serious error in the case of USPS home delivery service.

Step-by-Step Guide on What You Should Do

If you have missing mail, you want to take the following steps to fix the problem:

Check the Status of Your Packages or Letters

Many mail items have tracking numbers that aid in your search. If you are the recipient, request the tracking number from the sender.

They can usually find it:

  • on the receipt,

  • in their email, or

  • on their customer account.

If you can use tracking to check the status of your mail,  you might find that the mail is still on the way to your mailbox and not lost. When you place an order online, your order should come with a tracking service, even if you use UPS or FedEx. Before you file a report, see if you can track your mail.

Ask Around

Sometimes, your delivery tracking status says "delivered," but you still don't have your USPS mail item. If you can, you should ask your neighbors and your mail person for information. Someone may have confused the building numbers if you live in an apartment complex or a busy neighborhood. Make sure your neighbors did not accidentally get your USPS mail. 

For valuable packages, you may need to be home before you can receive it. Your mailman may leave a missed delivery notice on your door, which will have instructions for scheduling another delivery. If you think someone stole your missing mail from your mailbox or front door, call your local post office and law enforcement.

Complete a Help Request Form

You can complete a help request form on on a desktop computer. The form will ask you questions about the mail piece and whether or not it was priority mail. You can also include information about your police report if you filed one.

The U.S. Postal Service has tools to forward this information to your local post office. You will get a phone call or email notification if they locate your mail.

Start a USPS Mail Search Request

When you know that your mail is missing (as in, it has been more than seven business days), you can start collecting information to contact USPS. 

Your local post office will need to know everything about your package to help you. You should know:

  • The correct address and name for both the sender and receiver

  • The monetary value of the item

  • If applicable, the tracking number

  • The receipt, if you had an online package

  • Package description, including size, brand, content, pictures, and anything else you can get

You can physically go to the post office or file a missing mail search request on When you submit your request, USPS will send you email notifications updating you on your search status. 

If they find the mailing item in question, they will send it to the correct residence. There are a few missing mail recovery safety restrictions that may prevent USPS from forwarding your mail. has a lot of helpful links related to mail delivery service. For example, if you used Priority Mail Express or a similar service for your mail delivery, you may request a refund for the full price on the USPS website. You can also file an insurance claim if your mail item was insured. Don't wait to file your claim, because you cannot file any later than 60 days from the mailing date.

No Mail Delivery FAQs

Can the Mailman Not Deliver Mail?

While there is no time of year that the U.S. Postal Service mail delivery is not running, there may be a reason you don't have your boxes. Some conditions and events prevent U.S. postal workers from delivering your mail. These things include:

  1. Blocked Mailbox

As a customer, you have a responsibility to ensure safe access to your property. For the safety of mail carriers, you should:

  • Remove large accumulations of snow from the area.

  • Move your vehicle, so it does not block the USPS mail containers.

  • Be considerate of any other ways the postmaster employee might have limited access to your mailbox.

Mail carriers do not have to deliver mail to your home if they have a safety concern or a recurring problem.

  1. Dog or Other Loose Animals

If there is an immediate threat to the employees' safety, they can suspend delivery. Customers have a responsibility to secure their dogs and prevent trouble during USPS delivery service hours. A loose dog from an owner on your street can affect multiple addresses or all the residents in your community.

If your mail service is on hold, you will get a message about it. As soon as the animal is no longer an issue, your mail will be delivered again.

  1. Other cases that affect the ability of the driver to deliver your envelope or package include:

  • Full mailbox or overflowing mail

  • Hazardous conditions on the route

  • Travel obstructions

USPS will attempt many communications to explain the reasons for delayed service. Check the helpful links on for any other inquiries. If you cannot access your mailbox, consider getting a mail key replacement.

How Long Before USPS Mail is Considered Lost?

According to, most mail items are officially missing after seven business days. After that time, you can contact the post office about the status of your item. However, the official answer varies by mail class.

You can file an official complaint:

  • As soon as the guaranteed delivery date has passed for priority mail express services

  • After seven days for priority mail or first class mail or package service

  • After 14 days for USPS retail ground, parcel select ground, or media mail

Use the helpful links on to find out when you can submit a mail search request.

What to Do When the USPS Loses Your Mail?

The post office has a detailed policy and process for locating mail if your item is valued over $25. If it isn't, there may be nothing the government organization can do. If you have tried all of the available options and your mail is still lost, then you want to act to correct the issues for the future.

To make sure you get your stuff next time, seek answers for what happened in this situation. Make sure you correct your address if you need to, or try to be home during package delivery hours. USPS has helpful links, articles, and resources to track and find your deliveries.