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16 Door CBU Mailbox - Sandstone

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16 Door CBU Mailbox - Sandstone
Includes Pedestal
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16 Door CBU Mailbox - Sandstone16 Door CBU Mailbox - Sandstone16 Door CBU Mailbox - Sandstone16 Door CBU Mailbox - Sandstone16 Door CBU Mailbox - Sandstone
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16 Door CBU Mailbox - Sandstone

When it comes to price per number of doors, the 16 Door CBU is the best value on the market today. Made of durable aluminum and stainless steel hardware, the 16 Door CBU is the preferred unit for outdoor, centralized mail delivery. Matching pedestals are included and come with bolts for fastening the unit to a concrete slab in a centralized location for either residential developments or commercial locations that require a USPS approved mail center.

The 16 Door Cluster Mailbox is most often used for outdoor, new-construction installations, and is one of our most popular products because it provides secure access to mail and package delivery. While we do offer High Security CBU options for locations that require more security, the standard cluster mailbox is constructed of heavy-duty materials, which makes it resistant to theft.

USPS Approved and Ready

Pre-approved by the USPS, cluster mailboxes are considered the industry standard when it comes to outdoor, centralized mail delivery. If you are involved in a new construction development, you have probably already consulted or will consult with your local postmaster regarding the placement (location) of your CBU. Our goal is to help you find the right CBU for your budget. Most of our customers choose the 16 Door CBU because it is the cheapest price-per-door unit on the market.

How will you use the CBU?

Is the 16 Door CBU right for you? If you’ve already been approved by your local postal carrier for the Cluster Mailbox, then this unit may be ideal for your specific application.

Is this for new construction? If so, most of our new construction customers choose the CBU for outdoor, centralized mail delivery.

Benefits of the CBU

Below we list some of the benefits of centralized mail delivery compared to traditional residential mailboxes:

  • Because it is centralized, the Cluster Box Unit can save you time and money when it comes to mailbox installation.
  • The USPS prefers centralized mail delivery because it takes less time to deliver mail to a single, outdoor CBU than it does to deliver mail to individual, traditional mailboxes.
  • For large developments, CBUs are the best value. Think of it this way: each individual tenant box takes the place of a traditional mailbox for each home. Whereas a traditional mailbox and post package would cost upwards of $200.00, the price per tenant box for the 16 Door CBU is $71.00. That’s a big difference in overall value.

How many units will you need? As we mentioned above, the 16 Door CBU is the best price-per-door unit on the market, offering the best value for customers. See our price per door table below for information.

Price per Door Table


Price per Door

8 Door Standard CBU


12 Door Standard CBU


13 Door Standard CBU


16 Door 4C Wall Mount


16 Door Standard CBU

$71.00 (Best Value)

Other Options

While the pedestal mounted outdoor Cluster Box Unit is the industry standard, there are other types of cluster mailboxes that might be more suitable for your project or location. Do you need a recessed or surface mounted unit? If you need a free-standing pedestal unit for outdoor use, the CBU is right for your application. However, if you need units for indoor use or if you intend to mount your cluster mailboxes within an outdoor kiosk, you will probably need a Front Loading 4C Horizontal Mailbox.

Color Options

The 16 Door CBU is offered in six color variations. Sandstone is the most popular color option and is considered the standard. These units feature corrosion-resistant, powder coated finishes. If you are looking to purchase a different color, you can view our selection of variations on the 16 Door CBU category page.

Technical Specifications

The top of the cluster mailbox (the crown) is 30.5 inches wide by 18.5 inches deep. The cluster box itself measures 30.5 inches wide by 16.75 inches deep by 48.25 inches high. Including the pedestal, the total unit height is 62 inches. For more detailed specifications, please view this Technical Drawing.

Design and Other Specifications

The 16-Door CBU includes two (2) fully integrated parcel lockers and a matching pedestal. Each aluminum door includes a heavy duty five-pin cylinder cam lock with a dust and rain shield, along with three (3) keys. One additional compartment is labeled “Outgoing Mail” and includes a weather protection flap and an 11-3/4 in. W x 3/4 in. H mail slot.

The CBU also features individually numbered mail compartments and a mail carrier access door for USPS provided master arrow lock. The unit itself is constructed of high-grade, durable aluminum while the hardware is constructed of stainless steel. All CBUs on Budget Mailboxes are manufactured here in the USA.

Wide Tenant Boxes Accommodate Larger Envelopes and Magazines

The Cluster Box Unit’s technical specification is what is known as a 4C Horizontal Mailbox, which is the current USPS Standard for centralized mail delivery. Under 4C regulations, the tenant boxes are wider than 4B Commercial Mailboxes so that all mail, including larger envelopes and magazines, can be delivered flat without any folding. This makes life easier for the both Postal Carrier and for the recipient.

Integrated Parcel Lockers

Among the many benefits of the CBU are the integrated parcel lockers for package delivery. If you receive a parcel, the Postal Carrier will conveniently leave the key to the parcel locker in your mailbox so that you can retrieve your package from the parcel locker.

The matching CBU Pedestal - Easy Installation

All cluster mailboxes come with an easy-to-install pedestal (refer to installation details above for more info). The CBU Pedestal is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum and, like the cluster box itself, is corrosion resistant to withstand the elements. The pedestal comes with the needed stainless steel hardware for 1) mounting the pedestal to the cluster box and 2) mounting the unit to a concrete slab.

Heavy-Duty Cam Lock

Every tenant door on the Cluster Box Unit features a stainless steel heavy-duty cam-lock. This simple yet effective locking mechanism provides the needed security to keep your mail safe until you retrieve it.

What types of customers have purchased the 16 Door Cluster Mailbox?

Over the past nine years, we have provided a variety of customers and businesses with the 16 Door Cluster Mailbox for their centralized mail delivery needs. Apartment complexes, residential and commercial development contractors, small businesses in the industrial and retail sectors, and organizations like schools and universities are just a few of the business types we have had the privilege of serving. We hope the Cluster Box Unit will be the right fit for your projectóbut if not, we can find the right centralized unit to meet your specifications.

For Your Reference:


Dimensions & Weight
Ship Weight:
16 Door CBU Mailbox - Sandstone
62"H x 30-1/2"W x 17-7/8"D
16 Standard Compartments:
3 1/4"H x 12 7/8"W x 16 3/4"D
1 Outgoing Mail Compartment:
3 1/4"H x 12 7/8&q
175.00 lbs
General Category:
Cluster Mailbox
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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do you open the master loading doors?
Answer: This is a common question as the method for opening the door isn't very intuitive. What you need to do is find the door near the center on the right side of the CBU that has an empty lock hole in it. This is where the Post Office will install their arrow lock (master lock). That door should easily swing open. After opening that door, if you reach inside you should feel a horizontal bar that you can press up. When you press up, this should release the master door lock and the master doors should be able to open.

Question: Hi I just wondering if we need to work this out with the postoffice? And do you have any person that could install it for us?
Answer: We do recommend you let the post office know you are getting a cluster box. We do not have installers.

16 Door CBU Mailbox - Sandstone
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